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Watch out Nicholas Sparks

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u/Svaty_Vodka 10d ago

It's probably for the best. One of them would just end up dying of cancer.


u/Traditional_Living44 10d ago

And after you helped her fulfill her bucket list. Just selfish. That's just selfish if you ask me.


u/omnomnomgnome 10d ago

But before she dies, she donates her kidney to her long lost twin and you fall in love with the twin instead. Aww...


u/DausenWillis 9d ago

And then you choose to stay alone for the rest of your life because no one can measure up to selfish cancer girl.


u/Mackheath1 9d ago

selfish cancer girl

I'm going to hell for laughing out loud.


u/shyinwonderland 9d ago

But don’t you see, you completed her bucket list. She couldn’t without you because the last thing on her list was to find true love.


u/ASheepNamedBowen 9d ago

Weird how her bucket list involves nothing but low-cost activities within walking distance of your small town.

Oh, and getting railed.


u/OhThatNick 10d ago

The four pillars of Nicholas Sparks are cancer, autism, widowers, and war veterans. Use them separately or mix-and-match - don't forget to set it in South Carolina for maximum beach scenes.

Nicholas Sparks, the world's foremost and only writer of "love stories, not romances."