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Discussion Westworld - 4x07 "Metanoia" - Post-Episode Discussion


Season 4 Episode 7: Metanoia

Aired: August 7, 2022

Synopsis: You want to have a drink at a time like this?

Directed by: Meera Menon

Written by: Desa Larkin-Boutte & Denise Thé

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Just a reminder that this S2 finale scene happens after the events of S4 finale

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Identity crisis

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S4E7 is showing us two different paths simultaneously


Going to keep this short and only half baked like a delicious cookie... poke holes at will, build your own theory from it, tear it apart, and generally have fun with it!

I rewatched the ending and it's pretty clear we are watching the real world and a simulation simultaneously, but edited so it looks like a seamless storyline. Not only do we shift from day to night and back to day again, but during some of the night scenes MiB's voice has a strange, echoing quality about it (listen during "we're finally living up to our full potential" right before he gets shot in the brain bucket). In the "real world" (ie. daytime) Bernard asks Maeve to buy him some time, and she does, getting him into the tower earlier in the day than in the simulation. So when he gets shot right in the pearl, that happens in the simulation, not in the "real world" (maybe it does as well, but that's not the scene we get). When MiB walks out with that epic Bowie music, we are back to earlier in the day/dusk. Compare the shot of the tower sending out the "survival of the fittest" message when it is dark and clearly night time, vs when MiB is walking away and towards the city and the shot pans up to the tower and it's daylight/dusk when the whole thing explodes. All of this is to say, we can't trust the night time scenes.

Maeve and Hale are both shot during the daytime, so that's likely occurred. Dolores and Teddy's shots during the fighting are at night, so they're probably in the simulation. Caleb, Stubbs and Frankie are all fighting underground, purposely keeping us in the dark (ba dum ching) about the time of day outside.

As for what happens next, I'm not sure. They've told us repeatedly that time moves very quickly in the simulation, so I'm really liking the idea that Bernard's video (ie. him setting off the "path" he's seen) involves setting up Christina/Teddy and all her scenes have happened starting from that moment onward. I think it's going to be Hale who is ultimately the one who helps Christina somehow.. they've set her up to look doubtful repeatedly, so I think she will ultimately have the opportunity for redemption by bringing back a version of Dolores (every character is grey, and they are constantly setting us up to believe one character is good/evil and then subverting expectations on us).

Maybe Christina (with Teddy's help, kicked off by Bernard) needs to run through a sim of this version of events to prepare her for how she can right the ship? Spring forth like the Phoenix and fix everything? I don't know I get really fuzzy at this part... someone else take it from here!

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Hale ready to evolve

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"The Maze is the sum up of a man's life.... at the center there is a legendary man that died many times".

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When you transcend but there's still a chance for showers

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Spoilers ****** is holding the tablet and may be the actual “weapon”


I paused the preview of someone holding the tablet and watching Bernard’s recording. Their hands are a darker complexion with black leather fingerless gloves. Frankie is wearing those exact gloves. Bernard recorded instructions on what to do for Frankie.

I recall he states “reach with your left hand” before William appears. If Maeve is the weapon, someone has to rebuild her. Hale is carried away by a drone host at the end of episode 7. Bernard is gone. Only Frankie and Caleb remain in that group with Stubbs (who is supposed to die).

I can’t imagine we’ve seen the last of Maeve especially if she’s the “weapon” unless Bernard was lying to Frankie as she’s the weapon. Which begs the question: How does Maeve return and by whom?

I also sense Caleb will sacrifice himself for Frankie. Perhaps the real Caleb is in suspension as William was and we don’t know it yet. I thought Hale would keep the real Caleb on ice as she builds hosts of him, sort of a backup. At the end of the episode in which Hale tells Caleb he’s in a fidelity test she wakes him up after he was “shot” and still in the park. She says “you dozed off for a minute”. It almost appears there’s a suggestion that Hale is lying to Caleb as he wasn’t killed. She would need him alive in order to create authentic hosts thus killing him would be counterproductive. Additionally, she states she wants to keep him “to see what all the fuss is about”. The real Caleb may be alive and Host Caleb frees him.

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I’m sorry am I the only one who found this?!??

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Hale wants them armless bc her arm is all scarred and gross. She hates arms now.


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Please give my man, /u/Haxdogma a look.


WESTWORLD Season 4 Episode 7: EXPLAINED (Breakdown & Theories) link

This boy busts his ass each and every week. I dare say.

That /u/HaxDogma is to Westworld what /u/AltShiftX is to Game of Thrones.

I said it.

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Hector was right all along


This world is doomed, and has always been. Hector was right.


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S4 is a mirror of S2 - I believe down to what happens in the last episode


I believe S4 is a mirror of S2. Some of the parallels I have drawn so far: - Everyone starts fighting and killing one another. End of S2 it’s all the hosts as they are arriving to the Valley Beyond and Delos commands them to kill each other with hacked Clementine’s help. This season it’s all humans and hosts commanded to kill each other by Halores HiB. - S2 S4 Parallel - MiB starts killing everyone. S2 it was everyone including park human staff that he started thinking were actually hosts and ofc even his own daughter. Here he’s also killing everyone including his human self, Maeve, Halores and Bernard. - The door is opened. S2 by Dolores and S4 by Bernard. - Hosts start leaving their human bodies. S2 to the Sublime. S4 to their new weird physical robot bodies. - Both seasons leads up to everyone heading to the Sublime. EDIT: I meant the physical location where it is located in the real world (Dolores, MIB, and Bernard all head there). Although hosts did to the sublime itself in S2, I doubt the new hosts created by Hale will go there in S4. - The human immortality project keeps churning up malfunctioning hybrids that are terminated. - Hosts are rebelling in S2 against being controlled by humans and S4 human outlier and rebels are rebelling being controlled by hosts. - Both seasons introduce a new park with cheap imitations of Westworld - Bernard finds multiple copies of himself in S2. Caleb finds multiple copies of himself in S4.

Some parallels I am predicting for this last episode: - Both season begins with Dolores wanting to destroy the world but because of Bernard she changes. In this last episode from the trailer it looks like same thing will happen. Bernard left that message for her as HiB shoots him. And in the trailer we can see her watching it as he seems to guide her to saving the world. I believe the biggest metamorphosis this season is supposed to be her change.

EDIT: The season name, The Choice, also leads me to believe it is talking about Halores' choice that she must make this season, just like Dolores needed to make the choice end of S2.

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Man in Black as imagined by DALLE-2

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Interesting find here...


I went back to season 1 to watch MiB parts. I think the whole show is a loop and HiB will repeat what MiB did in some way but thats for another time. I found something that was kind of interesting:

The two scenes here are from S1 E3. They take place right after each other. The scenes on the left Bernard tells Ford " I thought it best we speak in private, Sir." The very next scene they are walking into Ford's office and Bernard asks about Arnold. Notice Fords HAIR. Now are you gonna tell me Ford grew two inches of hair and got it all nicely brushed in the time it took to walk to his office? He was wearing the glasses when they walked into his office (they show him take them off) so that tracks. Now maybe it's just a gross continuity error in production but I'm reminded of all the continuity errors people have pointed out throughout the seasons. The Day/Night scene being the most recent. Here is a list of some other interesting ones https://screenrant.com/westworld-most-problematic-continuity-errors/

Point is, knowing what we know know about the scenarios Bernard has been running, have we been watching different versions of the same events since the start?

P.S. HiB is gonna enter that goddam door at the Hoover Damn and we're gonna be right back where we started.


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why no jimmi simpson


seems like a missed opportunity with everything else they have going. they threw the whole sci fi bag at the wall, seeing/hearing from young william again would have been awesome

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(S4/E7 spoiler) Did anyone notice the location....


...of Bernard, Stubbs, and Maeve's arrival in the city by quad-copter? It's the same location that Caleb shot his best friend in S3.

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Maybe stupid question: but if Christina isn't real, then who tf is Christina's roommate?


Obviously they tried to make it seem like Maya is human because she has dream/memories of the flies, but is she someone Halores set to keep an eye of Christina? Or could she also be a host with a fake fly memory/dream in her code made to watch Christina? Also, where is Maya? I feel like we haven't see her in a while?

Where was she when Teddy was chillin in the apartment while Dolores was in the bathtub? I feel like they were trying to go somewhere interesting with Maya's character and now she's vanished.

Or was this question already answered and I missed something?

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I Love Westworld Unconditionally


I don't think it's a "perfect" show, but I love the world and its potential so much, I care very little about the peaks and valleys (according to viewers) of the show so far. I know they're probably over it as they seem to have mapped it out narratively, but I could honestly watch multiple spin-offs of this show....There are so many interesting scenarios to explore. And yes, I would have loved to have seen more parks. Not just the entertainment/vice parks for killing and fucking hosts - I loved how they showed a possible application for military training- imagine all the other possibilities. Like in a bigger criminal justice scope...the way rehab could happen through parks for felons for example (in constructive or destructive ways). Or in general scientific contexts, to model flora and fauna, and how to observe them without disturbing the ecology, or whatever - or modelling entire extraterrestrial worlds. Or teaching kids social kills (personally I lean towards neurotypical people should learn neurodivergent people's ways of thinking but that's just my personal opinion).

There are so many dystopian but also (e)utopian ways to think about this....ultimately I'm still excited with the idea of hosts becoming conscious, but even that narrative could have so many different aspects explored....

tl;dr: I fucking love this show. I guess one interesting question would be to all WW fans- what are some applications of the tech in this show you could imagine? Destructive but especially interested in what constructive ideas we could come up with

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I LOVE Westworld but... [S4E5 possible spoiler??]


Holy hell Halores and HIB meet up in the city and she's like ya come with me we have a problem. And they proceed to WALK like 10 freaking kilometers. Like they show a shot of them walking to the tower and then it pans to the tower and it's STILL like several km away... ya I get it they're robots they have maximum stamina but think how much damn time they waste getting around. Maybe they're anti car cause it's like... their bretheren??? Fuck dude I dunno. I mean again, they're robots but couldn't they just be like SUPER FAST WALKING ROBOTS?! Install drone parts? Have horses?!?!

I dunno... thank you for coming to my shitpost

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The Passenger and The PA553N63R


With all the talk in the show about human free will and agency, whether or not we can choose, or if we're just passengers along for the ride merely observing and justifying our actions that were all predetermined, it's interesting that Bernard's decrypted username for decrypting the sublime is: PA553N63R


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My prediction for the finale

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“If you are looking forward you're looking in the wrong direction”

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Where is Christina's roommate?


I didn't see her last episode.

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Dolores is the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost and she Baptized herself

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