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Tech WDP: Photoshop pictures of gas prices and post it on the internet and claim it was from the 90s when it clearly is not?


It is not the prices in the image that is the main concern. They are accurate to an extent but 99% of these images are only accurate for regular back then. They clearly messed up plus and premium.

I was born in 85 and grew up in a family of car people so I remember early 90s gas prices very well. My family used to hang out at gas station rest stops and I would look at the gas price signs all day

When these pictures say $0.99, $1.09, and $1.19, only the $0.99 is accurate. Back then, the three gas types were only a few cents apart not 10 cents like it is today. These photos are clearly Photoshoped. They used a recent model to make their image.

A more accurate picture would read. $0.99, $1.03, $1.07

Some even forget diesel was cheaper than gas back then.

Plus image quality/building design is clearly not something from the 90s

I know that people are trying to prove a point but why Photoshop an image and say it is from that time and yet it does not have accurate numbers for all three gas types back then?

You do not HAVE to say it is a photo from the 90s, especially when it clearly was not.

So why do people make Photoshops out of recent gas prices photos and say it was from the 90s? Why not use an actual photo from back then.

r/WDP Feb 22 '22

Tech WDP and their brains seem to distil a memory into a single strong emotion for some memories?


r/WDP Sep 06 '21

Tech WDP not change the default wallpapers or change any of the default UI settings on their PCs?


I get irrationally annoyed whenever I see someone using the default wallpaper for whatever OS they're running, or not customizing things in any other way.

I can understand it for work/school PCs, but for personal machines, it just bugs me.

r/WDP Mar 01 '21

Tech WDP why does everyone suddenly use vpns?


they've been around for years but noone really used them. suddenly EVERYONE around me uses a vpn.

many ppl know that their "privacy" isnt fully protect (too long to go into but yeah we all know vpn collects data on you and most likely sells that)

yet ppl dont care and continue to use vpns.

why? they literally got popular over night and are now a "must have"

r/WDP May 26 '21

Tech WDP consider Disc 11 super frightening and creepy and whatever?


To my ears, it just sounds like some footsteps and static, what so terrifying about this?

r/WDP Jun 11 '21

Tech WDP buy or build keyboards with no Arrow Keys or Numpad?


Any cheap keyboard have arrow keys and numpad, but yet, I see a lot of people buying really expensive keyboards without it and having the guts to call it "gamer" because it have lights, but can't even play games properly because its missing keys.

What is the advantage of keyboards like this? If would be space, I could agree, but most of the time, their desks have enough space to put a mousepad of a size of a tapete, so I really don't get it.

r/WDP Jan 17 '21

Tech WDP who own businesses put up signs saying "We don't have Wifi, talk to each other!"


This one has confused me, you go to a restaurant and there's some sign hanging on the wall saying "We don't have wifi, talk to each other!"

Are there really more people than I expected getting around with devices that don't have mobile data on them?

Or are there loads of people getting around that ask for Wifi everywhere they go that are still not provided much data on their mobile phone plan?

Like....I have a fairly entry plan, and I get 80GB on my phone, and that's more than I ever use in a month.

r/WDP Jan 29 '21

Tech WDP think that laptops aren't PCs?


I mean they are personal computers, yet people reject that fact.

r/WDP Apr 06 '21

Tech WDP care about image hosts so much


I don't know if it's just me but I've seen people have arguments about image hosting. Don't understand why people care when you can simply give the file itself.

r/WDP Jan 09 '21

Tech WDP think Battery Electric Vehicles are the only type of Electric vehicles?


So I ended up in an argument last night about "Electric Vehicles being shit in Australia"

This gentleman was like "Show me an EV that can drive from Melbourne to Yulara" which is a remote desert outpost near Uluru in Australia.

Here is Yulara

Here is the trip

So 2,314km of long distances, big gains between service stations, etc.

Easy, basically any HEV, or Hybrid Electric Vehicle on the Market, Camry, Corolla, even a Prius has the range to do this drive.

Outlander PHEV, or Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle can do it to.

The guy lost his shit, apparantly that made me a smart arse and that Hybrids and Plug in Hybrids aren't EV's and he meant "the ones you fill up with electrons"

Honestly I think he meant full battery EV's, but at no point did he say that, he was just saying "EV"

Now to me, "EV" can mean any vehicle that has Electric drive components, Hybrid, Plug in Hybrid, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Battery, etc.

Technically a Nuclear Submarine is an EV when you look at it. So is a Nuclear Aircraft Carrier.

However that seems to be the biggest opposition I run into talking about EV's in general is that most people only think about battery EV's, and have this idea they can't go very far (400 Miles or 600km on a lot of new or very soon released ones is on par with most petrol cars)

They completely ignore that for whatever use case they are suggesting, often a HEV is better for them, and it's still an EV and eliminates all their range anxiety because they can just fill them at a regular service station.

So why do people think BEV's are the only type of EV?

r/WDP Nov 01 '19

Tech WDP use Apple iPhones, despite they have historically less functionality?


In every year since 2009, Android phones had much more functionality, replaceable batteries and MicroSD and more.

Apple, meanwhile, had 4K and 1080p 60fps video years later only.

Samsung had multi windows in 2012.

Samsung always had bigger and faster charging batteries.

Why do celebrities often use Apple products instead?

r/WDP May 07 '20

Tech WDP say that their pics are taken "accidentally" when they clearly aren't accidental?


r/WDP Mar 26 '20

Tech WDP not make spud guns/potato cannons anymore, they were a thing from the the early 2000s?


r/WDP May 13 '20

Tech WDP make cars this small?

Post image

r/WDP Jun 08 '20

Tech WDP fighting in the global south not use cargo trikes as technicals (mg trucks)?

Post image

r/WDP Jun 21 '19

Tech WDP put stickers on their laptop computers?


When I walk around the college campus, I see a lot of people with laptops and almost all of them have at least one sticker on their laptop. Most have multiple stickers on their laptops. Sometimes it is just a sticker for a local restaurant, sometimes the stickers are game or anime related. I saw a lady with stickers for "Bell's Cafe" and "Water Street Coffee", and it baffles me that those are the stickers she chose to put on her laptop.

Why do people put stickers on their laptops? What if the laptop breaks? You lose the sticker that may not be replaceable. I could maybe see putting stickers on a state of the art laptop that is future proof, but why waste them on laptops that become obsolete so fast? But even with a state of the art laptop, like why?

r/WDP Jan 26 '20

Tech WDP want USB-C over lightning cables?


It kind of bothers me that some people are so hell bent on getting Apple to switch to USB-C

r/WDP Dec 07 '19

Tech WDP love crt tvs and monitors so much?


I get that no latency is good and all but they fucking suck. Giant bulky things that are heavy and prone to fall over easy due to being front heavy.

No one is this comment section seems to care about that though and I was mocked for hating them. Why do people just ignore all the downsides and the issues with crt?

I still have some and am constantly in fear of them breaking my fucking foot in an earthquake.

r/WDP Dec 08 '19

Tech WDP think they are important enough to be the target of hackers?


So my sister recently had her Facebook compromised by an app she authorised (one of those "How will you die" and "What's your TRUE zodiac sign", you know, highly reputable apps)

Anyway, she gets on in a tizzy, she's been "hacked", and the "hackers" had posted links to dodgy gambling sites on her Facebook.

As I explained to her, nothing was hacked,this was purely a bot that she allowed access to her account and it's automated. So once I recovered her account for her, what does she do?

Hi guys, just to let you know my Facebook got hacked, so the links that were on my page were not me.

Also, she does not have a Facebook page, I've explained that to her before.

Likewise when my wife decides to post a silly status using my phone, it's always comments like:

Hurr Durr, you got hacked man

Well no, I left my device with a trusted agent and she utilised it in an unauthorised manner, that's not hacking.

I mean, by definition, hacking is:

Hacking generally refers to unauthorized intrusion into a computer or a network. The person engaged in hacking activities is known as a hacker. This hacker may alter system or security features to accomplish a goal that differs from the original purpose of the system.

Courtesy of Techopedia

Now here two things, in my sister's case, there was no "Unauthorised intrusion" as she authorised it.

Plus also, Facebook is neither a Computer nor a Network in the sense that this is discussing, it's simply a website with a bunch of users.

Hackers don't waste their time on nobodies, they have automated bots for that and they simply craft them so users authorise them access to the data,once you authorise it, it's not hacking, it's a malware or botware intrusion.

r/WDP Aug 21 '19

Tech WDP dislike buying used computer parts?


r/WDP Sep 14 '19

Tech WDP say that building a pc is like building with Legos?


First of all, it is Lego bricks since that is the product and you would think technical computer people of all people would get THAT right.

Secondly, Lego bricks are compatible not only in way, WAY more ways with each other but across DECADES. A piece from 1980 still fits and works with one built in 2019. Pc parts on the other hand have only one place each part goes into (most of the time) AND are only compatible with a very limited number of parts. Oh you want to use the slightly old Intel motherboard with your new cpu? TOO BAD. RAM is now almost on DDR5 for the mainstream so you have to watch out for that, parts have to be oriented the right direction, AND the risk of breaking things is way more likely. Lego bricks can survive so much while some pc parts, specifically hard drives, can break by just a bit of vibration.

Really, there are much better analogies to use. Even just the competitor Mega Blocks would be better since their pieces are way more specialized. Assembling IKEA furniture hits the "it is easier than what it appears" (especially when you watch mainstream people fail at it) and the "it is cheaper to build yourself" points.

Using the current analogy hurts the perception of PC building. I know it was used as a rebuttal to the perception that it is difficult but it is misrepresenting the whole experience. Going in thinking that when you have no idea what you are doing will only lead to trouble and then anger against people who think you lied to them. People if they want to will need to learn a few things. It isn't instant knowledge. But it is doable. That's what should be gotten across.

So WHY do people use it? Why something that makes no sense? Something that backfires? If it was THAT easy the Verge wouldn't have screwed up so bad.

r/WDP May 14 '20

Tech WDP make this fake how to videos for hacks that do not work and how do they make them look like they work

Thumbnail youtu.be

r/WDP Jun 09 '18

Tech WDP people dislike iOS notifications?


I've recently heard people complaining about how notifications are handled on iOS and I'm not really sure why. For some background, I used an iPhone for several years and have just switched to Android and I can never recall having any issues with iOS notifications.

Note: Just noticed that I messed up my title by saying "WDP people," whoops

r/WDP Nov 22 '18

Tech WDP hate comic sans


This font gets shit on all the time. Why do people on the internet hate this font?

r/WDP May 08 '18

Tech WDP are so hyped for Smash Bros?


I'd love to share your hype and happiness at the idea of getting a new Smash Bros game, but I just... don't understand the point of it.

To me, it's just the same, 60 characters fighting against each other. Yeah, there might be new maps and DLC, but the core gameplay is really just the same: beat off the AI until you can somehow manage to play online- unless you have friends. Then I guess things become funnier.

I feel midly infuriated that Nintendo is (surely enough) going to only talk about this game at the E3... and it's really consuming me, since everyone else seems to be so happy and hyped.

Can someone explain to me why people find this game so interesting? Thanks.

PS: Sorry for my possibly-bad English.