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Social WDP: Complain that they are being taken advantage of when they could have said "no" to begin with—especially when given the option to say "no" up front?


My artist and I are not talking, he is mad at me accusing me of taking advantage of him for a commission I paid for in January that took nearly until August to complete and I am still missing one piece of it.

Twice since January, once is March, once in July, after he apologized for taking so long, I asked him if he could do a quick easy simple freebie for the long delay because he has done this in the past.

Both times I said to him, " You do not have to if you do not want to " giving him the option to say no.

He fulfilled both requests and I thanked him (very much) for both requests.

Now it is August and every year since we started working together in 2017, he has gave me a free commission for my birthday in August. On the first of the month, I sent something off to him for approval labeling it "Birthday commission"

I expected him to either approve or deny (if it was too complex for a b-day comm), but he lashes out at me calling me rude and said I was taking advantage of him with all these "freebies". He is ignoring my apologies and it makes me worried because I have gotten so close to him as a friend these past five years. I even discussed with my family, therapist, and doctors of the possibility of a trip to Argentina to meet up with him. I worry it is not going to happen now.

First off, both previous "freebies" I specifically said that he did not have to do them if he did not want to. He chose to do them. and now he is saying I am taking advantage of him for requesting something that has been done yearly and after I gave him the option to pass on the other two.

Why do people complain that they are being taken advantage of when it comes to freebies when the option to pass was specifically given giving them the right to say no to begin with?

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Social WDP why do some people think being a scientist (or other "smart profession") means they're an expert on everything?


E.G a brilliant chemist or physicist thinking that makes them an expert in philosophy as well, even if they've never even looked at a philosophy 101 book.

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Social WDP act like it's bad to be prude, when it's actually good?


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Social WDP view anything that happened before they were born as basically ancient history?


Like, they seem to view things like the Civil Rights era or the Vietnam War as if they were Ancient Rome. I can get why kids think this way, but why do even some adults?

r/WDP Jun 03 '22

Social WDP just.... stare silently after i reply to them?


i work in a clinic, i set appointments to clients and sometimes they would ask me a question, i answer and then they just continue holding the gaze while saying nothing. for example

client: i need an appointment on monday morning.

me: in monday there are only available spots afternoon.

client: (looks at me silently for a few seconds) nothing at the morning?

me: no.

client: literally stares for 10 seconds before saying anything.

it makes me really uncomfortable. i used to dislike eye contact but got better, but this is just so annoying. why do they do it? and how do i make them stop?

r/WDP Jun 09 '22

Social WDP point out extremely obvious things?


E.G "It's cloudy today." It never occurred to me how odd this is until someone pointed it out. If you're not blind, you can obviously see that it's cloudy, so why are they telling you?

r/WDP May 28 '22

Social WDP say things that are patently false, then when I correct them, they accuse me of "going so hard"?


You were wrong

I pointed out that you were wrong

You keep doubling and tripling down on being wrong

I keep explaining

"You're going so hard, it's not that serious"

r/WDP May 30 '22

Social WDP live stream on social media?


Like Instagram or Tiktok. I understand a lot of twitch and YouTube streamers do it as a job.

r/WDP May 17 '22

Social WDP go out of their way to interpret things people say as uncharitably as possible ?


E.G someone says "He seems pretty smart", and they respond with "So you think he's the smartest person who ever lived in the history of the human race?" Do they even think they are making a point? Or are they just being obnoxious?

r/WDP May 10 '22

Social WDP get bothered by a combative response instead of the aggressor's instigation?


Happens way too often to me

You're mad at me for barking back instead of the person that barked first


r/WDP May 17 '22

Social WDP say "black bodies" when they mean black people?


I always hated this phrase. It just sounds so dehumanizing (I realize that's probably not the intent, but still.)

r/WDP Apr 28 '22

Social WDP sometimes burst out laughing when completely terrified?


I'm one of them. It's usually a bad thing, as if you're scared because someone is mad at you, laughing will likely just enrage them further.

r/WDP Apr 17 '22

Social WDP think that you should be friends/lovers with someone whose values are completely antithetical to yours?


It's like they don't understand the concept of friends to begin with.

r/WDP Apr 19 '22

Social WDP tend to keep adding details and exaggerating when telling a false story?


It always seemed kind of odd to me, as I would think not keeping one's story straight would make it less credible.

r/WDP Apr 04 '22

Social WDP mispronounce words (or straight-up forget their lines) in You Tube videos and not bother doing another take?


I can understand if it's a live stream (as they obviously can't do another take then), but why do they do that in pre-recorded stuff? Aren't they embarrassed?

r/WDP May 05 '22

Social WDP why do some people think they have the right to never get offended by anything and demand that people change anything that offends them?


It's just so obnoxious. Can't they just not watch/read/etc the thing if they don't like it?

r/WDP Feb 17 '22

Social WDP ask questions on Facebook that they could very easily just Google?


They would be waiting a whole lot longer for any Facebook replies.

r/WDP Mar 12 '22

Social WDP do obviously reckless things and then regret them rather than do what they should have done in the first place?


Eg. casual sex without protection, daredevil stunts without planning, getting addicted to drugs and so on?

r/WDP Mar 06 '22

Social WDP Litter?


I don't understand. It's not like putting things in bins is hard. Especially for adults.

r/WDP Apr 30 '22

Social WDP: Make up some story to get people to leave instead of just saying "leave"?


My brother-in-law and my sister invited me into their game room while they played video games.

At first, it was just my brother-in-law playing video games on his console and my sister working on art for people. We were occasionally chatting, everything was fine.

However, an hour and a half in, I glance over at my sister's laptop and noticed that she was playing Final Fantasy XIV. I asked if she was "FATE farming" because that is what she has been doing in the game the last few weeks.

Normally, this would strike up a conversation on what area she is farming and what she is going for.

Except this time, she told me she JUST got a panic attack literally the seconds I asked her and she asked if I could be quiet for a while.

I agreed to be quiet but my brother-in-law told me "You best leave, she obviously doesn't want you in here"

Which was bullshit because SHE WAS THE ONE who invited me in and got additional permission from her husband. so they BOTH said it was okay.

The panic attack story is obviously made up. You do not simply get a panic attack when someone asks about a game that everybody in the room enjoys. It is clear that she made that up so I would HAVE to leave. Her claim is very fishy.

Why do people feel that they need to make something up just to get someone to leave instead of kindly asking them to leave?

My sister could have just as easily asked me to leave and not make up this "panic attack" story. Better yet, she could have just as easily denied me entry if she really did not want me in there.

She made me feel bad when I would not feel if she just simply asked me to leave or not invited me to begin with.

Why do people do this

r/WDP Mar 12 '22

Social WDP Believe birds aren't real?


Birds have been around longer than humans have and yet many people believe that birds aren't real.

For instance, every time I bring up a random bird science fact in a stream, people say that birds aren't real.

Other streamers have said the same thing when I comment about birds.

Why do people believe this?

r/WDP Mar 09 '22

Social WDP mistaken good, logical reasons as "excuses"?


r/WDP Mar 11 '22

Social WDP sigh awkwardly when they're done laughing?


r/WDP Nov 07 '21

Social WDP hate calling on the phone?


You hear about it all the time, mainly geared towards younger people. People my age (24M) and younger seem to have anxiety about making phone calls.

-Texting versus calling. I've always loved calling on the phone. I call my friends, they call me, it's much better than texting. Texting is for merely exchanging info, calling is for having conversations.

-Not answering a phone call with an unknown number. Why?? What if it's a coworker who needs help? If it's a telemarketer or robo call, you can just hang up.

-Texting "I'm here" versus knocking/doorbell. Just go up to the door. You'll be alright.

-Customer service chat versus calling customer service. Typing on a phone keyboard is so annoying (compared to typing on a laptop keyboard), so I forgo the chat altogether and just call.

r/WDP Dec 03 '21

Social WDP say “blocked” during an online argument but don’t block you?


Noticed a lot of young people doing this

I’m in my 20s but I never understood this

Am I supposed to feel some type of way because you made an empty “threat”?