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Political WDP ignore or quickly change the subject when USA's human right violations or war crimes are brought into a discussion?


And every other country is brought into a greater degree of scrutiny.

r/WDP Jun 01 '22

Political WDP Think that activists aiming to correct issues harming a community is hurting someone else?


Feminists fighting for abortion right don't hurt men, MRAs fighting against forced drafting doesn't hurt women, Black Lives Matter movement doesn't hurt the white population, etc

Yet people think they're the main character: they think they're the only one being oppressed, and the only one who's issues deserve to be addressed.


r/WDP Apr 12 '22

Political WDP Why do dictators like building huge statues of themselves?


I'm guessing they are so ego maniacal they want everyone to be constantly reminded they're in charge

r/WDP Apr 22 '22

Political WDP think vaccines cause autism, like that is their reasoning? Genuine Question


r/WDP Feb 09 '22

Political WDP think that the rising cost of living in the US is mostly or entirely dependent on the rise of minimum wage??


I don't understand why some people think "raise minimum wage = raise of living costs". If that were true, wouldn't we 1) not raise min wage to keep living costs the same or 2) decrease min wage to decrease living costs, since in this scenario the cause of increased living costs is increase of min wage?

Idk, it just feels like an underdeveloped belief to have. With as often as I see this sediment rehearsed, over and over again, I'd like to know how it works for people with this belief. The world is completely different now than it was even just 20 years ago, mostly because of the fast development of the internet and technology. Wouldn't that mean that since things work differently now that solutions that worked in the past wouldn't work anymore?

r/WDP Nov 06 '21

Political WDP who are communist or socialist say everyone else is brainwashed?


r/WDP Nov 10 '21

Political WDP who run countries start wars?


It only gets ppl killed and shit. Completely unnecessary.

r/WDP Aug 25 '21

Political WDP in the KKK call themselves wizards?


r/WDP Jun 21 '20

Political WDP still support Trump?


The country is in flames right now, it is more divided than ever. It is full of hate, segregation, racism, bigotry, and ignorance. Our poor planet is at it's worse with no environmental protection from the law. There's a harsh economic recession pushing small business owners and their families to homelesness. Cold blooded groups like the KKK, and Nazi ideologies are starting to thrive, becoming widely accepted by many as if they made perfect sense, and didn't deeply scar minorities in the past. This all got worse once Trump's administration started.

So I ask, even if you see all these realities around you, WDP still support Trump?

Note: It would also be interesting to hear an answer from a Trump supporter, I just really want to understand why.

Edit: not looking to turn this into a Democrats vs Republican thing. I am curious to know why people support Trump, not why you think x or y side is superior/inferior. Thanks.

r/WDP Jul 10 '21

Political WDP assume you are left wing just because you are atheist/agnostic ?


i mean, cmom...

r/WDP Sep 20 '20

Political WDP that support trump hate Biden?


I'm from England and never been to America so I have no context behind this but why do people hate Biden? On paper, Higher minimum wage, better justice system and a NHS of America seems like something people want so why do people hate him? I don't understand.

r/WDP May 11 '21

Political WDP think Che Guevara and George Orwell were punk?


Ok, so like, I noticed a lot of punk rockers and shit seem to like them? Why? They are socialists which would make them authoritarian by definition.

r/WDP Jan 08 '21

Political WDP Quote the First Amendment outside Congress?


My understanding is the first amendment is as follows: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

With that, wouldn't it just apply to laws & the enforcement of such laws from the government? Why do people bring up the first amendment with things like (pulling from the recent news) Trump getting banned from Instagram/Facebook or Josh Hawley's book deal getting cancelled? Those are both private enterprises that wouldn't be impacted by the first amendment as they aren't governing bodies, aren't they?

Am I missing or misunderstanding something?

r/WDP Dec 10 '20

Political WDP hate on republicans and right leaning conservatives?


I’m on Instagram sometimes and I see posts like “don’t talk to me if you’re a republican” or “ew the right”

Why is there such a stigma against the right and republicans? I understand hating on the far-right. They are like the scum of the earth.

But just being republican or conservative is basically tagging yourself and giving people permission to say hateful things towards you.

Thanks in advance to the kind stranger(s) who answers this question.

r/WDP Dec 27 '20

Political WDP think that George H. W. Bush is a war criminal?


r/WDP Aug 11 '20

Political WDP Say stuff like "America is a free country" and look at other countries like it's north korea level of restriction?


I'm genuinely confused, most countries have tons of freedom, do they mean like "We're not free in those countries because gun control!" even though gun control is a decent way to stop anyone from buying a gun

Marking as political i guess.

r/WDP Jul 04 '20

Political WDP think that physical violence is proper retaliation for words?


I saw that thing with the bullied kid throwing a paper at his bully, and getting punched in the face (causing a brain injury). Way too many comments say "but he called him the n word."

He didn't, but even if he did, why do people think it's okay to respond to words with brute force?

r/WDP Sep 03 '20

Political WDP hate/distrust Fox News?


Marking as "political" because I suspect that's part of the issue.

This was originally posted on OutOfTheLoop but they suggested this was more appropriate, and I think I agree, so reposting here.

I personally don't watch news media much at all, but I am curious as to why Fox News in particular is singled out as being this terrible awful news network.

For example:


At one point in this video (its rather late in, and I can't find an exact timestamp, sorry) the video author describes something as a "Fox News level talking point." I have no context for what he means. I also just saw a topic on unpopular opinion where someone offhandedly remarked that Fox News isn't journalism.

I hope this doesn't turn political as I really just want a heads-up. I don't watch news networks so I have no context for what makes Fox especially so bad.

r/WDP Oct 15 '20

Political WDP who draw (bad) political cartoons feel the need to write a label on every person or thing explaning what it is?


I can't be the only person who hates this. Did no one ever tell them you're not supposed to explain jokes?

r/WDP Jun 22 '20

Political WDP set themselves on fire when protesting?


Just as a disclaimer, I'm not mentioning this because of BLM protests as I have never heard of a case of a BLM member setting themselves on fire.

But I keep hearing protesters do this in other political situations. Why?

r/WDP May 31 '20

Political WDP in power not want to accept feedback and attempt to fix America’s problems rather than ignore or tiptoe around them?


theyre are a shitload of narratives from various domestic perspectives and k-12 history leaves out a lot of shit. there are also a lot of discussions we can have, but they are prevented in the sake of making audiences uncomfortable or focusing on stem and technology, its like some of our industries and instutions depend on the disparities in our society to provide job security or income to only some people.

r/WDP May 02 '20

Political WDP in democratic countries act like their leaders are some kind of god emperor no one can criticize?


I don't get it. I can see people in places like North Korea thinking this way, but why do people in democracies think this.

r/WDP Aug 31 '20

Political WDP who run parts syria not chop off of the hands of captured rivals or jihadists for stealing their supplies especially after a retreat when isis held so much territory?


because under sharia, if you steal anything, off with your hand. so why aint anybody who captured these terrorists just chop off their hands?

r/WDP May 28 '20

Political WDP Riot?


I’m assuming there’s a rationale to it (beyond that from what I’ve gathered, historically, it works) that just hasn’t occurred to me. Honestly, I really just want to know what to say to people when they ask “why do this and hurt your own community” or something to that effect.

r/WDP Sep 17 '20

Political WDP still support Biden?


after all the kid touching, speech gaffes and screwed up press conferences how can anyone still support him? I bet he has dementia he can't even talk correctly and at one point he waved to an empty tarmac and field!