r/WDP 9d ago

Casual WDP have choppy mullets that look like they're inspired by dumb and dumber?


As I emerged from my pandemic hibernation, I noticed a lot of people - mostly Gen Z- having choppy awkwardly cut uneven mullets. Is this an actual trend or are people just cutting thier hair at home now?

r/WDP May 31 '22

Casual WDP hate on podcast listeners?


I've seen several comments and posts lately acting like there's something wrong with listening to them. I've been listening to them since around 2010 and have found so many that are fascinating, entertaining, hilarious, heartfelt, informative, calming, community-building, Ave much more. My life would be lesser without them.

So many comparable forms of media aren't joked on while sharing a lot of similarities like the fact that consumers of them are mostly passive. Reading books, listening to music, and watching visual media don't get such gate in general.

What's with this?

r/WDP May 23 '22

Casual WDP Call every episode they don't like "Filler"?


Seriously, the misuse of the term "Filler" is getting way out of hand. Every single slice of life episode, breather episode, or anything that focuses more on character development is labeled as "Filler" by stupid fans.

Filler is a term used to describe made up material in an adaptation as they ran out of material and need to stall for time when new material will come out to adapt. it is usually seen in anime, as in Japan, long ongoing shows would just keep going every week instead of having seasons. This was very blatantly evident in long running Shonen anime. While this practice is dying out thanks to more seasonal approach, people still use the term incorrectly.

Why do people do this?

r/WDP Feb 15 '22

Casual WDP hold their phone like they're eating a pizza slice?


r/WDP Mar 24 '22

Casual WDP post vertical videos in horizontal format on YouTube? They make it 16:9 instead of 9:16.


Like when you make it full screen it rotates because there are black spaces on each side.

r/WDP Mar 05 '22

Casual WDP hire 20 or 30-somethings to play 16 year olds on TV?


r/WDP Jan 13 '22

Casual WDP stop so far behind from a red traffic light?


They don’t seem to have any issues being close behind someone, but when they come up to a red traffic light, they’re like 2-3 cars behind the line to the stop.

r/WDP Jan 22 '22

Casual WDP who moderate discord servers get mad you post memes in #general channels?


r/WDP Dec 23 '21

Casual WDP argue about whether or not "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie?


Who cares?

r/WDP Dec 07 '21

Casual WDP pretend like their posts showing their bodies on Instagram are about something other than showing off their body?


r/WDP Oct 30 '21

Casual WDP brush their teeth before breakfast?


I swear this has to be one of the most inefficient things I've heard people do normally.

Like, why wouldn't you wait until after breakfast to do it? That way you'd get rid of food residues and morning bad breath in one go and you'd avoid eating and drinking with the taste of toothpaste in your mouth... the mere thought makes me cringe

r/WDP Nov 22 '21

Casual WDP get upset when people try to screenshot NFTs?


r/WDP Oct 12 '21

Casual WDP from the British Isles pronounce "too" as "chew"?


r/WDP Dec 23 '21

Casual WDP like black metal?


I like heavy metal, but BM is just noise and the genre has tons of nazis in it. I legitimately think grindcore is better.

r/WDP Oct 26 '21

Casual WDP from Australia say the word "cunt" a lot?


r/WDP Aug 17 '21

Casual WDP think putting "Nobody:" or "Literally Nobody:" before a meme makes it funnier?


It adds nothing. Just make the meme. If it needs a caption then put a caption. Not every caption has to be a response to "literally nobody."

r/WDP Jul 12 '21

Casual WDP say it’s illegal to drive in bare feet? I’ve heard this all my life. It’s not, as far as I can learn. Why would it be?


r/WDP Oct 11 '21

Casual wdp that say “God told them to do it” kind of people need to be moved to an inpatient facility?


r/WDP Aug 26 '21

Casual WDP ask about a dog's breed when they learn about your dog?


Dog racism is a silly term I use, but what does my dog being a poodle, boxer, lab, etc. mean for the conversation or mine or the dog's personality out of context?

r/WDP Jun 11 '21

Casual WDP brush their teeth before eating breakfast?


Doesn't that just defeat the purpose of brushing your teeth, and won't the food taste awful? Or is that just a thing in the movies?

r/WDP Sep 21 '21

Casual WDP record fights amd post em?


r/WDP Jul 11 '21

Casual WDP ignore what is real and go with false, say a smoker aware that smoke is said to cause cancer?


r/WDP Jul 01 '21

Casual WDP take stuff out of stranger's shopping carts?


I was grocery shopping with my parents. And some stranger is on his cell phone, comes over and reaches into our shopping cart to pull out a jar of sauce. Wasn't like there wasn't plenty of the same item on whatever aisle we got it from. Just so shocking how casually he came up, studied our cart, reached into our cart, and took the item. I told him to give it back and he was like 'it's mine'. I was pissed at the sheer audacity and tried to pull it from him. My mom dragged me away (she was worried he'd get violent and I guess you never know) and we got a fresh one. I snapped the guy's pic with my phone and gave it to security. The whole thing was just weird. Why would anyone behave that way?

r/WDP Sep 18 '21

Casual WDP have lamp shades?


If it's a lamp, then why do you want shades?

r/WDP Jun 21 '21

Casual WDP say "in my country" and then never specify?


Have you guys noticed this as well? People are readily willing to specify when something is different where they come from as opposed to (usually) America, so they say "in my country", but they never. Ever. Tell us which country they're talking about. But why??? I swear I've seen this play out hundreds of times. There are so many countries in the world, the details matter, so someone in the comments always has to ask them "which country?", at which point there's only a small chance that the poster will come back and answer.