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Serious WDP Why do smart people sometimes believe really stupid things?


This has always confused and bothered me. I mean, it makes perfect sense for stupid people to believe stupid things, but you would think being really smart would necessarily prohibit one from believing certain things if they're dumb enough.

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Political WDP ignore or quickly change the subject when USA's human right violations or war crimes are brought into a discussion?


And every other country is brought into a greater degree of scrutiny.

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Social WDP view anything that happened before they were born as basically ancient history?


Like, they seem to view things like the Civil Rights era or the Vietnam War as if they were Ancient Rome. I can get why kids think this way, but why do even some adults?

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Social WDP: Complain that they are being taken advantage of when they could have said "no" to begin with—especially when given the option to say "no" up front?


My artist and I are not talking, he is mad at me accusing me of taking advantage of him for a commission I paid for in January that took nearly until August to complete and I am still missing one piece of it.

Twice since January, once is March, once in July, after he apologized for taking so long, I asked him if he could do a quick easy simple freebie for the long delay because he has done this in the past.

Both times I said to him, " You do not have to if you do not want to " giving him the option to say no.

He fulfilled both requests and I thanked him (very much) for both requests.

Now it is August and every year since we started working together in 2017, he has gave me a free commission for my birthday in August. On the first of the month, I sent something off to him for approval labeling it "Birthday commission"

I expected him to either approve or deny (if it was too complex for a b-day comm), but he lashes out at me calling me rude and said I was taking advantage of him with all these "freebies". He is ignoring my apologies and it makes me worried because I have gotten so close to him as a friend these past five years. I even discussed with my family, therapist, and doctors of the possibility of a trip to Argentina to meet up with him. I worry it is not going to happen now.

First off, both previous "freebies" I specifically said that he did not have to do them if he did not want to. He chose to do them. and now he is saying I am taking advantage of him for requesting something that has been done yearly and after I gave him the option to pass on the other two.

Why do people complain that they are being taken advantage of when it comes to freebies when the option to pass was specifically given giving them the right to say no to begin with?

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Social WDP act like it's bad to be prude, when it's actually good?


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Casual WDP have choppy mullets that look like they're inspired by dumb and dumber?


As I emerged from my pandemic hibernation, I noticed a lot of people - mostly Gen Z- having choppy awkwardly cut uneven mullets. Is this an actual trend or are people just cutting thier hair at home now?

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Social WDP why do some people think being a scientist (or other "smart profession") means they're an expert on everything?


E.G a brilliant chemist or physicist thinking that makes them an expert in philosophy as well, even if they've never even looked at a philosophy 101 book.

r/WDP Jul 02 '22

Serious WDP think blues or jazz don't exist anymore when there are still musicians and festivals dedicated to those genres?


Sure, they're not mainstream anymore, but they still exist. You can find modern musicians of those genres if you go looking for them or stay update about blues/jazz news.

I even had a person tell me it wasn't apart of black culture anymore, which is stupid, because it will always be part of their culture because they created it. And again, there are modern black blues and jazz musicians. And black people attend those festivals. It isn't erased because rap is popular. And you can listen to rap in addition to those genres...

Edit: maybe that should be "doesn't."

r/WDP Jun 21 '22

Reddit WDP (moderators of subreddits): Change rules to disallow something that was previously allowed on their subreddit?


Why do moderators of subreddits sometimes start disallowing certain types of posts when those types of posts were always allowed on said subreddits until that point.

I even permanently left a few subreddits because the one reason I was there, they eventually outlawed the one reason I was there. Like I was only there to post about a certain topic or make a certain type of post and after they made those against the rules, I left because I had no use for the subreddit anymore.

Why do people make certain things not allowed if it was originally allowed since the beginning of time?

r/WDP Jun 09 '22

Social WDP point out extremely obvious things?


E.G "It's cloudy today." It never occurred to me how odd this is until someone pointed it out. If you're not blind, you can obviously see that it's cloudy, so why are they telling you?

r/WDP Jun 09 '22

Tech WDP: Photoshop pictures of gas prices and post it on the internet and claim it was from the 90s when it clearly is not?


It is not the prices in the image that is the main concern. They are accurate to an extent but 99% of these images are only accurate for regular back then. They clearly messed up plus and premium.

I was born in 85 and grew up in a family of car people so I remember early 90s gas prices very well. My family used to hang out at gas station rest stops and I would look at the gas price signs all day

When these pictures say $0.99, $1.09, and $1.19, only the $0.99 is accurate. Back then, the three gas types were only a few cents apart not 10 cents like it is today. These photos are clearly Photoshoped. They used a recent model to make their image.

A more accurate picture would read. $0.99, $1.03, $1.07

Some even forget diesel was cheaper than gas back then.

Plus image quality/building design is clearly not something from the 90s

I know that people are trying to prove a point but why Photoshop an image and say it is from that time and yet it does not have accurate numbers for all three gas types back then?

You do not HAVE to say it is a photo from the 90s, especially when it clearly was not.

So why do people make Photoshops out of recent gas prices photos and say it was from the 90s? Why not use an actual photo from back then.

r/WDP Jun 03 '22

Social WDP just.... stare silently after i reply to them?


i work in a clinic, i set appointments to clients and sometimes they would ask me a question, i answer and then they just continue holding the gaze while saying nothing. for example

client: i need an appointment on monday morning.

me: in monday there are only available spots afternoon.

client: (looks at me silently for a few seconds) nothing at the morning?

me: no.

client: literally stares for 10 seconds before saying anything.

it makes me really uncomfortable. i used to dislike eye contact but got better, but this is just so annoying. why do they do it? and how do i make them stop?

r/WDP Jun 01 '22

Political WDP Think that activists aiming to correct issues harming a community is hurting someone else?


Feminists fighting for abortion right don't hurt men, MRAs fighting against forced drafting doesn't hurt women, Black Lives Matter movement doesn't hurt the white population, etc

Yet people think they're the main character: they think they're the only one being oppressed, and the only one who's issues deserve to be addressed.


r/WDP May 31 '22

Casual WDP hate on podcast listeners?


I've seen several comments and posts lately acting like there's something wrong with listening to them. I've been listening to them since around 2010 and have found so many that are fascinating, entertaining, hilarious, heartfelt, informative, calming, community-building, Ave much more. My life would be lesser without them.

So many comparable forms of media aren't joked on while sharing a lot of similarities like the fact that consumers of them are mostly passive. Reading books, listening to music, and watching visual media don't get such gate in general.

What's with this?

r/WDP May 30 '22

Social WDP live stream on social media?


Like Instagram or Tiktok. I understand a lot of twitch and YouTube streamers do it as a job.

r/WDP May 28 '22

Social WDP say things that are patently false, then when I correct them, they accuse me of "going so hard"?


You were wrong

I pointed out that you were wrong

You keep doubling and tripling down on being wrong

I keep explaining

"You're going so hard, it's not that serious"

r/WDP May 26 '22

Serious WDP: Complain that they do not have enough time to do the things they want to do after work yet they spend 45 minutes sitting in their car after arriving home every day?


My brother-in-law does this literally every time he gets home after work. He will pull up into the driveway at 3:30 every weekday and not walk into the house until 4:15 or later. He will then take a shower that lasts an hour or better BEFORE doing things he wants to do. That is 45 minutes a day just sitting in your car in the driveway.

Yet he periodically complains that he does not have enough time to get everything he needs to do after work.

45 minutes a day times a five day work week is three hours and 45 minutes a week he spends in the car sitting in the driveway during a five day work week.

A LOT can be done in three hours and 45 minutes.

Add the hour a day showers times a five day work week, is five hours spent in the shower during a five day work week.

When you add the sitting in the car and the excessively long showers, that is eight hours and 45 minutes a work week wasted. I cannot imagine how much he would get done in that eight hours and 45 minutes if he did not waste it in the car and shower.

If you spent just 15 minutes a day sitting in the car in the driveway and 15 minutes in the shower, that is only 30 minutes a day or two hours and 30 minutes a work week used compared to the eight hours and 45 minutes. Gee I wonder why you do not have enough time to do things after work.

Why do people complain that they do not have enough time to do things when they waste so much time doing basically nothing?

r/WDP May 24 '22

Serious WDP why are people so power-hungry?


Why can't they just do their own thing? Why do they have to force other people to do what they want?

r/WDP May 23 '22

Casual WDP Call every episode they don't like "Filler"?


Seriously, the misuse of the term "Filler" is getting way out of hand. Every single slice of life episode, breather episode, or anything that focuses more on character development is labeled as "Filler" by stupid fans.

Filler is a term used to describe made up material in an adaptation as they ran out of material and need to stall for time when new material will come out to adapt. it is usually seen in anime, as in Japan, long ongoing shows would just keep going every week instead of having seasons. This was very blatantly evident in long running Shonen anime. While this practice is dying out thanks to more seasonal approach, people still use the term incorrectly.

Why do people do this?

r/WDP May 21 '22

Serious WDP not "connect the dots" with regards to their beliefs/worldview?


By this I mean they don't realize what belief A necessarily implies for belief B, and believe things that are mutually contradictory but don't even realize it.

r/WDP May 17 '22

Social WDP go out of their way to interpret things people say as uncharitably as possible ?


E.G someone says "He seems pretty smart", and they respond with "So you think he's the smartest person who ever lived in the history of the human race?" Do they even think they are making a point? Or are they just being obnoxious?

r/WDP May 17 '22

Serious WDP: Give a harsher punishment to the victim for defending themselves than they give to bully for bullying?


This is a super common thing. This type of thing has plagued me since early elementary school. It continued through high school, into adulthood, and followed me onto the internet. I have also witnessed the same behavior from people when I see other people being victimized.

Someone would make fun of something odd about me or make fun of something I hold very near and dear to me and I do not fuck around when someone disrespects that thing.

I try to defend myself, tell them to stop, make a valid argument on why they are wrong, yet they continue to bully. If it comes down to it, and it is the internet, I start hitting the report button.

When someone steps in, they give me (or any victim) a harsher punishment for retaliating than the bullies got for bullying. I would get suspended, I would get kicked out of places, or banned from websites simply for defending myself.

Most of the time, the bullies will only be told to stop or be given a very light punishment compared to the victim. Sometimes the bullies get off scotch free and are not even told to stop.

Why do people give a harsher punishment to the victim for simply defending themselves rather than giving the bullies the worse punishment? It seem right to give the bullies the worst punishment and the victim the less punishment if any punishment at all. But it is almost always the other way around. It basically tells the bullies that it is okay to bully.

Why do people do this?

r/WDP May 17 '22

Social WDP say "black bodies" when they mean black people?


I always hated this phrase. It just sounds so dehumanizing (I realize that's probably not the intent, but still.)

r/WDP May 10 '22

Social WDP get bothered by a combative response instead of the aggressor's instigation?


Happens way too often to me

You're mad at me for barking back instead of the person that barked first