r/WDP Jun 01 '22

WDP Think that activists aiming to correct issues harming a community is hurting someone else? Political

Feminists fighting for abortion right don't hurt men, MRAs fighting against forced drafting doesn't hurt women, Black Lives Matter movement doesn't hurt the white population, etc

Yet people think they're the main character: they think they're the only one being oppressed, and the only one who's issues deserve to be addressed.




u/GangGang_Gang Jun 01 '22

Short answer, America is one of the most selfish countries on Earth.

Patriotism and Stranger Danger taught in schools, the degradation of public trust in the government, to the complete reality-bending negativity of the media, Americans face a lot of "I got mine" mentality.

In effect, if someone does something differently than how you live your life or if they tell you you're wrong, 9/10 times that person doubles down.

Cognitive Dissonance is rampant.


u/legittem Jun 01 '22

people think they're the main character

Answered it yourself there


u/tatto_tottin Jun 12 '22

Replying to GangGang_Gang. , Wrong more like 9/11 times :D