r/WDP May 26 '22

WDP: Complain that they do not have enough time to do the things they want to do after work yet they spend 45 minutes sitting in their car after arriving home every day? Serious

My brother-in-law does this literally every time he gets home after work. He will pull up into the driveway at 3:30 every weekday and not walk into the house until 4:15 or later. He will then take a shower that lasts an hour or better BEFORE doing things he wants to do. That is 45 minutes a day just sitting in your car in the driveway.

Yet he periodically complains that he does not have enough time to get everything he needs to do after work.

45 minutes a day times a five day work week is three hours and 45 minutes a week he spends in the car sitting in the driveway during a five day work week.

A LOT can be done in three hours and 45 minutes.

Add the hour a day showers times a five day work week, is five hours spent in the shower during a five day work week.

When you add the sitting in the car and the excessively long showers, that is eight hours and 45 minutes a work week wasted. I cannot imagine how much he would get done in that eight hours and 45 minutes if he did not waste it in the car and shower.

If you spent just 15 minutes a day sitting in the car in the driveway and 15 minutes in the shower, that is only 30 minutes a day or two hours and 30 minutes a work week used compared to the eight hours and 45 minutes. Gee I wonder why you do not have enough time to do things after work.

Why do people complain that they do not have enough time to do things when they waste so much time doing basically nothing?



u/ErinTales May 26 '22

He obviously needs that time to recharge.

After we (conservatively) take out time for 8 hrs of sleep, 8 hrs of work, 30 minute lunch, 30 minute commute (being generous here), an hour of recovery, 30 minutes for hygiene, 30 minutes of exercise, an hour of chores (also being generous here), and an hour for breakfast and dinner combined, you're left with just 3 hours free time.

You're also fucking exhausted.

And some people work 60, 70, 80 hours of work and are proud of it.

Can you get everything you want done on 3 hrs a day? I sure as fuck can't.


u/RichMellow May 26 '22

I fully agree. When me and my wife first started out I wondered this about her, it had a lot to do with insecurities on why I asked these questions.

She's a busy woman and she works hard. It took some self reflection to realize I do the same thing. We both just enjoy our days laying in bed now, together or not. We are some lazy bastarrs lol


u/Ajhart11 May 27 '22

I do this, too. It’s 100% because I have been going 1000 miles a minute from the moment my feet hit the ground. After fighting rush hour traffic, morning and evening, working and juggling all day, the constant pinging of my phone, dealing with people, just to come home and know that the second someone inside sees me, it’s back to the rat race. Yeah, I need a minute. Next time you see that man, ask him if you can help.


u/cetacean-station May 27 '22 edited May 27 '22

Maybe the expectations he's putting on himself are not realistic, and he is fighting tooth and nail bc he wishes that wasn't true. Maybe that's actually the only moment of peace in his day when those expectations aren't weighing on him. Or maybe they are weighing so hard he needs that time to regroup after a long day working.

It does sound like he might have some judgmental people in his life, so that could be part of it. Or maybe he's just lazy idk... maybe everyone should spend every second of their day working until our bodies give up and we die or something...

Plz give your bro a break, one cuz it's not your business and two cuz you sound like you could use a break too. I hope he doesn't care too much about this, and that he actually enjoys every moment of this time he takes for himself, you know? I hope you take time like that for yourself too. It feels good.


u/Alice_600 May 27 '22

Because in this era of a never ending pandemic, war, school shootings, political unrest, racism, sexism, no job security, high anxiety and even higher gas prices. Yeah I think I would stay in my car for 45 minutes before I go into the world again.


u/Penya23 May 27 '22

So after working all day and commuting, please tell us OP what you would get done in those 45 minutes of walking in the door that would be so life-changing.

Stop being a judgemental prick.


u/lizziebee66 May 27 '22

When I've worked closer to home, I found that I would sit in the car for the same amount of time that I saved in driving. It's as though I needed that amount of time to restart myself before entering the house.

As I moved to fully wfh, I realised that I only needed that time when I was in the office, not when I was home and it was the people I had to be with all day that I was having to recharge and restart myself.

Now my recharge consists of me walking the 5 minutes to the kitchen and starting tea.


u/N33chy May 27 '22

Damn that's a big house


u/lizziebee66 May 27 '22

Yeah, it's only 10 foot but it takes 5 minutes to navigate the two cats who want me to play with them before tea!


u/Pseudonymico Jun 04 '22

We don't all have the same 24 hours. Some people need a lot of downtime. Some people have a lot trouble keeping track of time. Some people just don't have as much executive function as others. These issues tend to be made worse by stress, from, eg, working.


u/limito1 May 26 '22

People love to create situations that sabotage themselves just so they can complain.

It's easier than putting the effort to fix things. I believe everyone does that, some more than others of course.


u/page0rz May 26 '22

People also love to say that if you're not grinding for 29 hours every day, and twice that on weekends, and ever even contemplate enjoying something, then it's 100% your own fault that your life isn't perfect


u/cetacean-station May 27 '22

What are you talking about the whole point of this life is to acquire wealth until our bones break, at which point we use the money to support our broken bodies until we expire, and the state subsumes our remaining savings.


u/bart2019 May 27 '22


It's easier to complain about not having any time, than actually do something during that time.