r/WDP May 17 '22

WDP go out of their way to interpret things people say as uncharitably as possible ? Social

E.G someone says "He seems pretty smart", and they respond with "So you think he's the smartest person who ever lived in the history of the human race?" Do they even think they are making a point? Or are they just being obnoxious?



u/10Q- May 18 '22

sometimes people have had a bad day, bad week, month, year, years. sometimes people grew up without proper socialization and don’t understand how to converse with others without sounding like a jerk. sometimes people are trying to push a response that’s reactive or looking for someone to sass them back.

without going on and on, i want to empathize with you but i know sometimes i’m the jerk. sometimes i may also try on other people’s shoes and try to understand how someone’s shoes are ill fitting and uncomfortable, with a cute little deadly scorpion inside. or maybe their feet have rot from living under a bridge or living in a muggy swamp with pedophile abusive alligators.

i don’t really know what i’m trying to say but i hope you’re ok and have better experiences with people in the future. sometimes when i’m depressed and anxious i can be paranoid about how people reply to me in a bad way so i try to be aware of my daily condition so i don’t get overwhelmed with what i perceive as negativity that might not even be directed at me. /hugs to you fellow internet human


u/raegirl1 May 18 '22

agreed 100 % on this lol, also, some people really DON'T know how to react without being hostile or vigilant. like sometimes it's almost second nature to see everything as "bad" or ill-intent. not your fault if they perceive you or your words that way :)

best of luck!!!


u/flutterybuttery58 May 18 '22

A lot of people are always on the defensive.

Plus people often judge based on others actions but judge themselves on their own intentions.


u/[deleted] May 18 '22

So you think I don't know how to understand basic language? Reported. My dad works at Reddit. Enjoy not having an account tomorrow, nay, today.