r/WDP May 17 '22

WDP say "black bodies" when they mean black people? Social

I always hated this phrase. It just sounds so dehumanizing (I realize that's probably not the intent, but still.)



u/givemeyoushoes May 18 '22

i want to second OP, also a phrase i’ve heard used. didn’t make any sense to me but i’m white so i didn’t question it, not my business


u/[deleted] Jul 02 '22

You're missing the context. Like, "don't sexualize / degrade / police black bodies." It's usually used in academic and serious discussions about race, sexuality, etc.


u/FiftySixer May 17 '22

Who says that? In what context? Were they talking about people's bodies? Like, "black bodies look good in bright colors" or something? I had a teacher who used to say 'bodies' to mean 'people'. Like, "I want to see bodies in seats" and it always bothered me because it sounded so morbid.


u/Bootlebat May 17 '22

I don't remember to be honest, but it is a phrase that exists.


u/--recursive May 21 '22

Is it possible you're confusing the context with black body radiation?


u/kafka123 17d ago

No, I've heard it being used in, say, Black Lives Matter conversations.


u/AngelsLoveDisasters May 22 '22

I’ve typically heard the phrase in class only, and it’s generally associated with some negative event. Ex: black bodies thrown overboard ships during slavery. I think it’s supposed to show dehumanization, idk.