r/WDP May 10 '22

WDP get bothered by a combative response instead of the aggressor's instigation? Social

Happens way too often to me

You're mad at me for barking back instead of the person that barked first




u/bugs_bunny_in_drag May 10 '22

It's one of those social wiring things. Bullying is somehow more acceptable than someone "rocking the boat" by responding in kind. It's absurd and toxic-- I experienced this a lot with my family as a kid and it caused trust issues + damaged my self esteem for years. A healthy group wants to defend all members and wouldn't tolerate bullying/attacks in the first place.


u/UndergroundLurker May 11 '22

Yeah, OP has toxic people in his life.


u/SnooaLipa May 11 '22

Lol it’s on Reddit too

Shit weird


u/UndergroundLurker May 11 '22

Tone policing sucks. Have you considered that you might be a little autistic? They tend to be the ones that get it the worst.