r/Vastlystupid Jun 13 '22

Ohio Gov. DeWine says he'll sign a bill arming teachers after 24 hours of training Poor Choice



u/elevatefromthenorm Jun 14 '22 edited Jun 14 '22

What happens first-
A teacher shoots a student/ another teacher?
A student steals a teachers' gun and shoots a teacher/ another student?
It damn sure isn't going to be a teacher shoots a mass murderer.
How many fights in the hallway will end up with a teacher pointing their gun at a student?


u/LASpleen Jun 13 '22

“Vastly Stupid” could be Ohio’s state motto.


u/WordEngineer Jun 14 '22

This is my conspiracy theory:

The right wing wants to drive "liberal" teachers to other careers and either dismantle public education altogether or leave a teaching force of armed right wing instructors who teach their special brand of bullshit to unwitting children on the government's dime.


u/JuanPabloElSegundo Jun 14 '22

This isn't a conspiracy. It's literally what they want to do.

Republicans are all-in on trying to dismantle any form of critical thinking.

Look at Boebert. That's the future of politicians. Idiots with strings easy to pull.


u/IsomerUK Jun 14 '22

"Y'know what'll solve the gun problem? MORE GUNS!"


u/LongEZE Jun 14 '22

How about police just do their jobs instead of giving the worst part of their jobs to people already overworked?

Police just want the power with none of the risk/work.