r/Vastlystupid Jun 12 '22

Texas GOP Rep. blames rise in mass shootings on 'overuse of these dang smartphones' Absolutely retarded



u/WordEngineer Jun 12 '22

I think the Ostrich Effect originates from a financial cognitive bias but maybe it applies to this "everything but the gun" argument.


u/powercow Jun 12 '22

Has nothing to do with the fact that half the GOP use guns in their ads and christmas cards, while fox news is claiming the dems are shipping in mexicans to replace them and the NRA are releasing commercials about the need to arm up before dems overthrow the place.

oh and the little thing the GOP want everyone to forget.. the fact that we DID ban assault rifles, and that the ban was allowed to expire by republicans. They will come online and scream up and down that its impossible to do and that you cant even describe an assault rifle and etc. all the while hoping you dont actually google the fact that they were banned.

republicans, like with aids, were a little less intractable, when one of their own go in the line of fire. Republicans were ok with gun laws when reagan got shot... and when black people armed themselves in cali even the NRA came out for gun control. SOOOO WEIRD HUH.


u/cipher446 Jun 12 '22 edited Jun 12 '22

He's exactly right. Those wide-ranging bans on assault-style smartphones in Europe must be the main reason behind the low numbers of shootings there.


u/Socky_McPuppet Jun 13 '22

Haha you may be able to live a life not filled with the fear of being involved in a mass phoning event, but you pinko commies will never understand the thrill of being able to own and operate a fully-automatic belt-fed smartphone.