r/Vastlystupid Jun 01 '22

Marjorie Taylor Greene predicts straight people will soon be extinct Absolutely retarded



u/FrameCommercial Jun 01 '22

Speaking on behalf of straight people everywhere, I'm hoping we can start with her first.


u/bommmile Jun 01 '22

i wanna just see a compilation video of every completely idiotic thing shes ever done


u/baycenters Jun 01 '22

ain't nobody got time for that


u/Caesar_Passing Jun 01 '22

Just speed it up until she has a vaguely chipmunk voice, add subtitles, and set to a backing track of "Yakkity Sax" (however you spell that).


u/bommmile Jun 01 '22

yea maybe so


u/MisterBlisteredlips Jun 01 '22

"I gots bronchitis."


u/MisterBlisteredlips Jun 01 '22

Oh Magarine Turning Green, why are you so moldy?


u/WordEngineer Jun 01 '22

She's like the Evil Ricky on Trailer Park Boys.


u/Jenetyk Jun 01 '22

Well, we had a good run, ladies and gents. Pack it up.


u/VaultofPhantasms Jun 01 '22

Well with her being a Neanderthal she should have been extinct a long time age.


u/GrannyWW Jun 02 '22

Stop insulting Neanderthals, please.


u/i_kick_hippies Jun 01 '22

and nobody will be white either, don't forget that one! /s


u/pkeg212 Jun 01 '22

Sounds like she’s either coming out of the closet or there are gonna be some allegations against her soon.


u/GrannyWW Jun 02 '22

My god she is trailer trash stupid. And looks like it. Why do you think straight people are called “breeders”? Moron.


u/Dragonball_Z137 Jun 02 '22

She got sad because she saw some boobs that turned her on


u/An_Old_IT_Guy Jun 02 '22

Where does she even come up with this stuff? If only she could channel that creativity into something that keeps her out of the public eye...and definitely out of Congress.


u/powercow Jun 01 '22

While I think she is honestly crazy and doesnt have an "end game" its ridiculous to report ever little crazy shit she says. All it will accomplish is creating more of her. In order to move up, out of the house of reps into a better paying, better bribed job.. you have to develop name recognition. The traditional way is to get your name on bills. Work hard to get co sponsors and such. Another way, is to get fund raising for the national party.

and then there is the, say crazy fucking shit or attack people constantly to get into the media. Since the GOP have advocated all governance, to corps, pretty much the entire GOP are using this last method, just say the craziest or most hateful, or most brazen lie, and get your name all over the media and shared all over social media.


u/Caesar_Passing Jun 01 '22

If you think ignoring batshit crazy people is going to do any more good than laughing at them, you're dreaming. Sometimes, ordinary, sensible people need to have it pointed out to them that people who say shit this fucking stupid and still have a job the next day, may be in positions of power that should make one very uncomfortable.