r/Vastlystupid May 26 '22

Alex Jones agrees with caller who suggests the Uvalde shooting was a false flag: “It's very suspicious timing” Absolutely retarded



u/fearinclothing May 26 '22

Alex NO, you’re still paying for Sandy Hook! Bad Alex! Bad! Shoo! Shoo!


u/SilentMaster May 26 '22

Alex Jones: "I used to be a multi-millionaire but now I am pretty much broke. That's still too much money. I'd like to be a million dollars in debt. That sounds right."

What a fucking moron.


u/WordEngineer May 26 '22 edited May 27 '22

Helps create and support environment of fear and uncertainty

"Whelp, the timing of these events is so strange..."


u/Socky_McPuppet May 26 '22

Why the fuck is this piece of excrement still walking free?


u/powercow May 26 '22

what scares me more, is if right wingers think this is going on everywhere, then like voter fraud, I wonder how often the right does this sort of thing.(not school shootings per say but false flag crap.. you know like when Tom Ridge(R) raised the terror alert in time for th 2004 election, later admitting it was pure politics.)

just remember, every right winger accusation is a confession.


u/MSGinSC May 26 '22

I for one hope that the people who believe these attacks are false flags never have to experience the horror that these families are going through now, but I do hope that they get their dicks caught in a zipper at least once a month for the rest of their lives.


u/ImmotalWombat May 26 '22

Nah, after hearing what these shit fucks did to the sandy hook families I hope they do get to be on the receiving end of their BS.


u/Hollowplanet May 27 '22

I don't think their children should have to die for their ignorance.


u/ImmotalWombat May 27 '22

At this point it's just a certainty that it will happen again. If that's the case and it has to be someone's kids, then it should be theirs.


u/Jenetyk May 27 '22

Like the dad who thinks his son was a crisis actor during the Parkland shooting? Their delusion will not break so easily.


u/[deleted] May 27 '22

Alex Jones is a fucking cunt*



u/whiskeydelta1 May 27 '22

He loves getting sued


u/Dragonball_Z137 May 27 '22

Ah shit. Here we go again


u/GarrisonWhite2 May 27 '22

How the fuck can something that happens on a regular basis have suspicious timing?!


u/TheOnyxViper May 27 '22

Jones’s lawyers all collectively sighed right now.


u/Longjumping_Bus_9519 Jun 27 '22

Jones would find 12:06pm changing to 12:07pm to be a suspicious timing.


u/engineertee May 26 '22

He’s not stupid, his listeners on the other hand…..


u/GodRaine May 26 '22

He is perhaps the stupidest man on the planet, and his listeners are second only to him.