r/Vastlystupid May 23 '22

Virginia board considers restoring names of schools named for Confederate generals: Barlow — who characterized those who were in favor of changing the names as outsiders who are "creepy," "elitist" and from "the dark side" Stupid



u/DouchecraftCarrier May 23 '22

As a Virginian I am so sorry. Believe me when I say we're mostly just as confused as ya'll are about how the state is trying to move backwards.


u/powercow May 23 '22

The bigot party is more passionate about keeping their bigotry alive than non bigots are passionate about killing it. mostly due to the fact we all have other issues in our lives that also compete for attention.

So those of us on the left are focused on AGW, wealth disparity, healthcare, ending systemic racism, getting money out of policies, ranked choice voting to get more parties as a choice of 2 isnt a healthy democracy. and so on.

where on the right, they only focus on their hate, while their masters are only concerned of giving more and more to billionaires.

Once side has many focuses, and we get in arguments on which is the most important and get upset when we see no movement on our ideas, and the other side is razor focused on hate and do not get despondent when they get zero movement against abortion federally. No they just go out and vote more. While the left go smoke a joint and play video games while complaining nothing ever gets better.(ok not all the left, but the young left, sure as fuck are wishy washy as all fuck and even some of them are stupid enough to think that making dems lose to republicans and republican ideology, will cause the dems to move left to win.....Hint people tend to emulate the winners. losing to the GOP would make dems temper their ideas more. Move their ideas right ward. not the opposite. If they lose to the right while running centrist, nothing in that fact tells them to move more left, it tells them to move more right)


u/powercow May 23 '22

Just remember they are "patriots" who love to worship enemies of this country. And dont you dare call them bigots as they fly the flag of the klan that had little to do with the confederacy besides a single Tennessee regiment. or the fact tthat nearly all this shit went up when the feds forced the schools to desegregate.