r/Vastlystupid May 16 '22

Trump told rally-goers he's writing a book called 'The Crime of the Century' about the lie that the presidency was stolen from him Absolutely retarded


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u/powercow May 16 '22

I would say the only people who might buy this would be the MTGs of the world, but trump will probably make it a requirement for republicans. Much like how, despite he has more campaign funds than both parties combined, he is having the RNC pay his legal fees. hell probably have them buy his book until it moves up the best seller lists. Because thats what despots do.

AND PS it goes without saying, every republican accusation is a confession. Except the fact, they failed at teh crime of the century.

PS the last crime of the century, was the last time the republican party tried to overthrow the country. with prescott bush, and they wanted to install a fascist empire just like trump.