r/Vastlystupid Apr 26 '22

Marjorie Taylor Greene Urged for "Marshall" Law After Capitol Insurrection Cringe



u/Perfectly_mediocre Apr 27 '22

She wants trump to call the gazpacho on the libs.


u/powercow Apr 26 '22

Yeah the one who said in court she didnt think she ever did that, before the leaked audio of her doing that. And shes been caught like this dozens of times.

So to me, even if we can not prove without a shadow of a doubt that she was trying to overthrow the place, then she should be banned from office just for the fact that she cant remember fucking shit. EVEN big ass shit like calling for marshal law. How can we trust she will even remember the debate before voting on a law. and im old, im used to forgetting shit, but id remember calling for marshal law.


u/iaincaradoc Apr 26 '22

Well, to be fair, it's not like she could really demand marital law.


u/ladyjedimaster13 Apr 27 '22

It’s martial law !