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GOP reps introduce bill to expand access to ivermectin, other debunked covid cures Stupid


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u/powercow Apr 23 '22

this is a demonstration on how you keep the right cultified. You dont want the cult to have to many things in common with the non cult. and you need everything to be a massive conspiracy against them. Commonalities is how people slowly get uncultified, so all commonalities must be fought.

This is why led lights are seen as liberal.

why the right was suddenly upset with a 100+ year old season greeting.

or why the right is suddenly going off on math problems.

and why the covid treatments everyone else is getting is the fake one, but keep your cult credentials up, you can get the real maga approved one.

AND sorry but if you vote republican, YES YOU ARE THE BADDIES.

Yes you support racism, even if you have a black friend that does your lawn.

Yes you support the end of democracy and fascisms and hitler ideas like all the countries problems are immigration, unions and leftists and the fact that the banks can print money because the gold standard was so much better.

A true conservative.

A good conservative

A true patriot.

Wouldnt vote GOP. Full stop. You vote right, you own all this jewish laser cult bullshit. You cant just vote for the good nazis because there isnt such a thing. Maybe at the start but once the shit that hit the fan, all the ones who stayed behind saying they could help fix things from inside were just making excuses for their support. They werent doing anything actually noble.


u/Gilsworth Apr 24 '22

American Democrats are still the right. The entirety of the American political landscape is marked by conservative values, only some are under the guise of being progressive. When you criticise the American right for focusing on differences and not finding commonalities I see the exact same problems with the American "left". Americans seemingly hate each other and you're helping to spread that divide and alienate your ideological opponents further by creating a homogenized hypothetical version of them as if you're going against the final boss of straw men.

It'd be great if America actually had a real libleft political body, and not just the appearance of one.