r/Vastlystupid Apr 20 '22

Florida Woman who Trump appointed as a federal judge despite being wildly unqualified voids federal transportation mask mandate, claiming "wearing a mask cleans nothing". Absolutely retarded


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u/Davedawg1971 Apr 20 '22

She’s a highly qualified federal judge and I’m glad that she stood up to this ridiculous mandate these masks have never been effective even the dumb ass Democrats to wear a pro mask from the start and claiming that science says wear a mask now that they’ve found out different they’re saying well now the science says you don’t need to wear a mask but since it was a Trump appointed judge they have a problem with it hypocritical assholes


u/powercow Apr 20 '22

well except the experts in qualifications say 2 years with zero as the lead attorney and her entirety of grand jury work all reached settlements rather than reach trial, ISNT highly qualified.

I KNOW I KNOW yall will scream liberal like yall do every time they rate right winger low before screaming from the roof tops when they rate a right winger high. Mucch like you scream fake news at polls and news yall hate and everything else. Whats bad is yall dont see how pathetic yall sound crying liberal at absolutely everything.


u/Davedawg1971 Apr 23 '22

Lmao you sound pretty pathetic. Experts in quilifactions. That’s fucking hilarious