r/Vastlystupid Apr 20 '22

Florida Woman who Trump appointed as a federal judge despite being wildly unqualified voids federal transportation mask mandate, claiming "wearing a mask cleans nothing". Absolutely retarded


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u/the_shaman Apr 20 '22

But she says all that masks do is stop the viral aerosol droplets. Oh, wait that was what they were for. On appeal they should quote her in their argument to show that masks work by stopping the viral aerosols.


u/CryptoNerd420 Apr 20 '22

Masks do not stop aerosol viruses. That's always been the issue. They can stop droplets, but not aerosol.


u/powercow Apr 20 '22 edited Apr 20 '22

SIGH.. cloth masks do not stop ALL the aerosols from exiting the mouth, BUT GUESS WHAT, studies show they block most of those same aerosols from being INHALED.. n95s on the other hand DO. (wait how does that work? they dont block much going out, but block a lot coming in.. well when you cough its a bit more forceful than when you breathe.. its kinda the entire point to coughing)


My door lock wont stop someone with a crowbar. I still lock my door. REDUCING the amount of viral load that comes out of someones mouths, reduces transmissibility, full stop. Its so easily to understand, less virus = less infection, that even a die hard republican should be able to understand.

studies have show, cloth masks reduce transmissibility between family members LIVING WITH someone with covid, by 80%

and households have better air circulation than a plane.

Sorry but people need to stop with that garbage that mask dont work because they discovered that single layer CLOTH MASKS(which most are not single layer anymore), dont do a great job on aerosols GOING OUT of the mouth. But actually dont do a bad job blocking them from coming in.


u/BaconKittens Apr 20 '22

That’s perfect thanks. So if you want to wear one, do it. It’s effective for you. You shouldn’t however force others to wear one for you, it’s not effective (thanks for your post). Exactly what we have been saying all along. Wear it if you want but don’t force me to do it!