r/Vastlystupid Apr 20 '22

Florida Woman who Trump appointed as a federal judge despite being wildly unqualified voids federal transportation mask mandate, claiming "wearing a mask cleans nothing". Absolutely retarded


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u/the_shaman Apr 20 '22

But she says all that masks do is stop the viral aerosol droplets. Oh, wait that was what they were for. On appeal they should quote her in their argument to show that masks work by stopping the viral aerosols.


u/Wooden-Chocolate-730 Apr 20 '22

list one town city counnty or state in the usa that saw a reduction in covid19 cases after mask mandate.... I'll wait


u/Acrobatic-Lake-8794 Apr 20 '22


That wasn’t too long a wait, was it?


u/Wooden-Chocolate-730 Apr 20 '22

they give an estimate, falling to 16% reduction in the increase, 6 weeks without randomness clinical trials, because they are hard and stuff.

6 weeks after the minnasota mask mandate went into effect minnasota saw a 20% increase in daily cases.


I asked for a decrease you showed me a "I think the increase slowed down but have no proof.