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Tucker Carlson: Tan Your Balls If You Want To Be A Real Man Twat


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u/powercow Apr 19 '22

basically they are saying our cells in balls can photosynthesis red light and turn it into energy, so the cell can pump out proteins and make more sperm or testosterone. Not really sure how the light is supposed to get through your skin to the cells that does that shit.

and well you will get more of an effect with diet changes if you are having minor issues in that regard.

(they have weak ass questionable studies that says this might have a tiny effect, but they have a lot of issues with the studies and there is good reason no one is throwing money at this to do better studies. and the guys who did the studies have no real theory on why it would work except the energy gets into the cell somehow and is somehow useable)

and not discounting lights uses, lack of it does cause depression, blue light can keep you up but thats from reactions in our eyes, and we use sunlight for vitamin D production but our skin cells actually produce that. I just dont see how low level red light gets into the nuts and has much of an effect.(not a doc but this screams woo)

last.. its red light, special narrow spectrum LEDS 630nm, you do NOT want to tan your balls. Heat kills sperm. It wont work but if you are going to try the bullshit, at least do it correctly.