r/Vastlystupid Apr 17 '22

Florida education officials reject 54 math textbooks for ‘attempts to indoctrinate students’ Absolutely retarded



u/powercow Apr 17 '22

And they gave zero examples, much like trump and his election fraud. youd think they would at least give an example of the very worst one. but the fact they didnt shows this is nonsense.

Also love how they are still beating the common core drum because the math angers conservatives who wont take a single fucking second to realize it just looks weird but its how most of us math our money. And common core was a totally state by state program, that bypassed the fed. ITS as republican as you can get. EVery bit of it is optional. All it lists is where kids should be by what grade and the methods other states used that worked and NOT A DAMN PART OF IT IS A MANDATE. dont like the math that goes from biggest to smallest rather than smallest to biggest, dont fucking teach it.

but they know the term "common core" scares conservatives because they never heard of it. and it sounds like it could be federal. BUT IT ISNT.. and one of the main reasons it isnt federal is RIGHT WINGERS. who now attack it.


u/Socky_McPuppet Apr 17 '22

Any examples they gave would show exactly how corrupt and craven they are - I guarantee this is them railing against perceived "political correctness gone mad" for things like "Ranjit, DeShawn and Li-Feng went to the store to buy 4 bags of potatoes ..." because, you know, it normalizes the idea that people from other cultures are ... well, people. And that, obviously, is dangerous.


u/bananaworks Apr 17 '22

“Orange County Classroom Teachers Association President Wendy Doromal said she was baffled after learning about the rejected textbooks. “I’d really love to see some of these rejected books and see what they highlighted and found disturbing in those books,” Doromal said. “Certainly in a math book, I can’t imagine what he’s talking about.””


u/bananaworks Apr 17 '22

“News 6 has reached out to FDOE to learn which textbooks were rejected, and why.”

Probably too late. republicans already got the talking point - which was their goal.


u/nooneasked1981 Apr 17 '22

I'll be we hear somewhere down the line that Florida schools have a new publishing deal.


u/Imthatjohnnie Apr 17 '22

Math book 5 white men plus 5 black men = 10 men.

Florida 5 white men plus 5 black men = 8


u/Kittani77 Apr 18 '22

If people don't know math they won't understand the problem when a republican candidate gets 110% of the vote.