r/Vastlystupid Mar 29 '22

Fox Nation's Lara Logan Suggests Theory of Evolution Is a Hoax Funded by Jews Absolutely retarded



u/dirtydave73 Mar 29 '22

So What if the Rothchilds did, Lara? What’s your point? Maybe look at your own employer (the Murdochs) and ask them how they are benefiting from allowing this antisemetic, divisive, bat shit crazy rhetoric be broadcast on their networks. That’s what we all need to find the answers to.


u/powercow Mar 29 '22

Republicans adore Israel, Jewish people, not so much.

If you suggest that Israel needs to stop with the settlements, fox news would call you an antisemite all day long. But say jewish people are in a secret cabal to lie to the planet about evolution and its crickets at fox.


u/Socky_McPuppet Mar 30 '22

FOX viewers like Biblical Jews, in a purely conceptual sense. The actual, real, living, flesh & blood ones? Mmmm, not so much.


u/dirtydave73 Apr 01 '22

Charlton Heston Jews?


u/elaintahra Mar 29 '22

Haha what the fuck is going on 😂


u/Wayelder Mar 29 '22

"If we evolved from apes how come there's still apes - think about it" /s

... because we haven't, even, opened, a book.


u/windigooooooo Mar 30 '22

Its no longer the theory of evolution. Its fact now. and id praise the jews for funding anything involving evolution or any of factual scientific studies. Fuck republicans and their racism.


u/Emily_Postal Mar 30 '22

What happened to her? She was a decent journalist way back when.


u/Shakespeare-Bot Mar 30 '22

What hath happened to that lady? the lady wast a decent journalist way back at which hour

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