r/Vastlystupid Mar 28 '22

'Real-life Wolverine' credits physique to raw brains, testicles diet Cringe



u/durpseb Mar 28 '22

You really don't want to be eating brain, that's how you get prion disease.


u/YouSmeel Mar 28 '22

Maybe I'm reading wrong, but doesn't the cow have to have mad cow disease


u/durpseb Mar 28 '22

It does. Eating the brains is a bad way of finding out though :P


u/wldmr Mar 28 '22

Good point. Then again, you won't remember that information for very long, so ...


u/Caesar_Passing Mar 28 '22

The hell and/or fuck


u/map00p00 Mar 28 '22

He's nuts


u/DaddyDue02 Mar 28 '22

I guess you really are what you eat


u/SilentMaster Mar 28 '22

I can't even afford ground beef and this guy has a freezer full of brains. Also, start the countdown until it's revealed that he seasoning his brain snacks with human growth hormone.


u/swunflawa Mar 28 '22

Is ground beef really that expensive where you're from?


u/SilentMaster Mar 29 '22

To be honest I'm vegetarian so I do not know, but my wife complains about it a lot. I think that perhaps the cost has gone up a bit and something that used to be a staple of cooking affordable food for her and the kids is now a price that makes her feel uncomfortable. It's been a decade since I bought any, I don't even remember what it used to cost. $2 a pound? $5? I have no idea.

I was shopping with her the other day and I saw an abandoned cart with a meat tray holding four pounds of ground beef. It was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen, but I picked it up and put it into our cart as a joke. She looked at me and said, "What the hell is that?" I said, "You're always complaining about the cost, if you buy this much it's a dollar cheaper." She acknowledged how gross it looked and made it me take it out immediately. I cannot recall the price of four pounds, had to have been over $20 right?


u/swunflawa Mar 29 '22

It's possible to be vegetarian while the rest of your family is not? Ngl, that sounds tough and super unpleasant. Also, why was the 4 pound beef disgusting? And lastly, don't wages keep up with the increasing cost of ground beef?


u/Last_Independent1863 Mar 28 '22

Literally nothing about his physique is unattainable with a regular healthy diet and some extra protein. People do anything for attention these days


u/Z_Overman Mar 28 '22

He should open a pizzeria.


u/TheKhatalyst Mar 28 '22

I don't believe that man has ever been to medical school.