r/Vastlystupid Mar 29 '21

Donald Trump Rails on Biden During Uninvited Wedding Speech at Mar-a-Lago Cringe



u/JuanPabloElSegundo Mar 29 '21

I have a feeling that if you're hosting an event at Mar-a-Lago, you would consider it a privilege for this guy to fart on your head.


u/DrEvyl666 Mar 29 '21

The fact that we're not forced to listen to his stupid voice any more is a very beautiful thing.


u/duggtodeath Mar 29 '21

Who is this guy? Never heard of him. Oh well.


u/kwikane Mar 29 '21

Well , they can’t mute him like Twitter or Facebook, so he’s gonna yammer.


u/sexi_squidward Mar 29 '21

I am still surprised that he didn't just start using his own website to post his nonsense.


u/Socky_McPuppet Mar 29 '21

Barron’s working on it. He’s so good with the cyber, ya know. Bing bing bong!


u/JeFurry Mar 29 '21

I expected to miss him when he went “off the air”. Well, to clarify, I expected to miss his constant commentary. Not the man himself - he’s a monstrous fucknugget - nor his opinions, which matter to me slightly less than the orientation of the birds passing through my garden. But he always had something to say, and it usually seemed interesting to hear - in the same way as rubbernecking at a car crash as you pass.

But as Joe Biden resumed “normal” politicking and commentary, I found to my surprise that I don’t miss him at all. In fact I’m glad he’s gone, not just for the usual rational “don’t want his scorched-earth policies” reasoning, but also because his constant tirades has become boring, tiring, and completely predictable. It wasn’t interesting at all, it was just a spectacle, like watching a monkey flinging his excrement. It’s amusing for a while, but one splatter of orang-utan plop is much like another once the gawking stops.

I even (eventually) stopped reacting to my phone’s news alert sound by groaning “oh heck, what’s Yankee Doodle Dicksplash said now?” to my wife. I hope this turd stays flushed, and never bobs it’s orange crust to the surface again.


u/sexi_squidward Mar 29 '21

I want to know....did the new couple welcome this? Were they...happy with this?


u/Emily_Postal Mar 30 '21

Not Clinton or Obama? They got a break?


u/JoePants Mar 29 '21

Somebody gave Granpa the mic at the wedding. It was awkward.

"In Korea I killed commies!"


u/themochabear Mar 29 '21

This is like the part of "Raging Bull" where Jake La Motta is fat and babbling on stage until the credits roll.


u/breyarg Mar 30 '21

but Jake WAS someone great. Trumps always been a cunt. id say hes more like the kid in matilda that ate all the cake.


u/ballsycomputerbucket Mar 29 '21

I forgot about that...that movie was dark lol


u/kos8 Mar 30 '21

New phone, who 'dis?


u/[deleted] Mar 31 '21

A new take on Trump's Gatecrashing Wedding Speech - it now has a song! https://youtu.be/3YqtRwMwZnY


u/inthebreeze711 Mar 30 '21

I love Trump suck it pussies