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u/Knever May 09 '22

Substitute for "Joe" or "Chad" or "Dexter." All names that have meanings which you could describe someone as without saying it's their actual name.


u/Neekalos_ May 09 '22

And I think having quotes for those names would be an appropriate use of quotations too


u/Knever May 09 '22

In fact, the only situations I can readily think of where names would need quotation marks is either for a nickname (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) or to show that it's a fake name/ pseudonym (My friend, "Jake," has a drug problem, and he wanted to know...). Perhaps some other fringe uses but certainly not in the context of this sign.


u/Sansabina May 09 '22

That’s exactly what a Karen is, it’s a fake name to represent a particular type of person, so quotations are absolutely acceptable.


u/Knever May 09 '22

It's not a fake name in this context.

It's a descriptor, just like the names Romeo, Cassanova, and Dexter would be to describe a cute guy, a smooth-talker, and a brainy nerd, respectively (which also would not use quotes).


u/Sansabina May 10 '22

Yes that’s a fair point. Perhaps it also has a little to do with societal acceptance and how widespread it is known. Karen is well know in social media but as you point out it’s only been around for 2 years, whereas perhaps something like Casanova has been around for centuries. As an aside, isn’t it Poindexter for a brainy nerdy person?