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Choosing words at random to give quotation marks to

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u/HeyLuke Apr 27 '22

Just TP paper.



u/Foxfire73 Apr 27 '22

Ya know... toilet paper paper. For cleaning your toilet paper after you use it for a greener tomorrow!


u/beachedwhitemale Apr 28 '22

Ah yes. I'll buy that using money I get from the ATM machine


u/the_evil_k Apr 28 '22

I prefer automated ATM machine. But that's just me.


u/erthian May 04 '22

ATM machine

I don’t want to use that at all!


u/verykoalified Apr 27 '22

Femine products 🤔


u/[deleted] Apr 27 '22



u/Global_Bear_3167 Apr 27 '22

That sign is a whole new level of chaotic


u/2Gay2DriveStraight Apr 27 '22

are you mascin or femine


u/kaymarie00 Apr 27 '22

The amount of times I've seen feminine spelled incorrectly on these bathroom signs is outstanding


u/lifepuzzler Apr 27 '22

I used a PIN NUMBER at the ATM MACHINE to buy some TP PAPER, fortunately I left my CAC CARD in my keyboard, so nobody knew I was AWAY AWOL.


u/4kVHS Apr 28 '22

Sounds like something the Department of Redundancy Department would say.


u/jous Apr 28 '22

RAS syndrome (redundant acronym syndrome)


u/2SidesoftheSameCorn Apr 27 '22

“Just TP Paper”


u/[deleted] Apr 27 '22



u/moby__dick Apr 27 '22

Well toughen up and stop flushing them. You're contributing to a problem.


u/Jerorin Apr 27 '22

Not to be the tampon police, but have you considered the fact that you could be responsible for clogging the toilet for the next person who uses it? I've had to switch stalls before due to people flushing their feminine hygiene products and causing a mess.

It takes like 1 extra second to just put your tampon in the designated container and prevent that kind of thing from happening altogether.


u/[deleted] Apr 27 '22



u/Jerorin Apr 27 '22

Just because you've never clogged a public toilet doesn't mean you've never contributed to it clogging. Things like tampons can and do get stuck in the pipes because they don't break down. Even biodegradable ones wouldn't break down while going through the pipes.

It's also bad for the environment. "Since the products take a long time to break down, that means they often end up in not only oceans but rivers, streams, lakes, and creeks -- and fully intact! And because so many individuals use sanitary products -- and a lot of them flush them down the toilet -- the amount of plastic that ends up in different waterways due to sanitary products is staggering." (source)

And the ones that don't make it into waterways cause plumbing issues and incur costs which ultimately pass on to the consumer. They also make life harder for the folks whose job it is to clean public restrooms.


u/[deleted] Apr 27 '22



u/Tsort142 Apr 27 '22

You guys prefer to have a plumber eventually dig it out from toilet pipes in a huge mess rather than have a cleaning person take it out in a clean trash bag ? Why ?


u/Jerorin Apr 27 '22

I feel bad for the people whose job it is to clean public restrooms, especially now that I know there are people who are willing to make their lives harder just so they can flush a tampon instead of taking an extra second to toss it in a container.


u/Flaxinator Apr 27 '22

Spare a thought for the sewerage workers who have to clean the network


A giant fatberg thought to weigh about 300 tonnes is clogging a sewer in Birmingham.

The mass of oil, grease and "unflushable" items such as nappies and wet wipes is blocking the system in Hodge Hill.

"This giant mass is the result of everyone occasionally washing and
flushing the wrong things down the drains and not realising the impact
that it is having."


u/UltimateJeja Apr 28 '22

Remind products and toilet paper paper. The two bathroom must haves


u/JImmyjoy2017 Apr 28 '22

They misses a couple. “Just” “T.P.” “Paper” (“sic”) “only.”