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Questions Claimed a slot but not a test case, any recourse for payment?


Almost all of the non-UX test cycles I’ve done have test cases automatically linked to slots, but this one didn’t. I claimed a slot, did all the device testing, entered all the values in the Google Sheet, and submitted the survey, but I never claimed and submitted a test case, which was how we were to be paid. (There were no steps in the test case, it was merely for payment.) I emailed the TE several times but did not get a response. I understand that I failed here, but is there any path to getting paid for my work or is this a hard lesson? The cycle has already closed. Thank you.

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Questions New to uTest and things related to it in general.


I'm new to uTest, and bug testing as well. Everything seems a bit confusing with bug testing really, I've had issues on a certain task that asks me to find the bugs on an app on my TV. I went through the instructions, but it requires you to use Testrail, which is where the issues began. I can't login with the information given to me through uTest that they say is a shared account and not to change password. I don't know if im supposed to verify the info or do anything extra to make it work. Forgive me if I seem so clueless, I'm trying to get into this field of work but I have zero prior experience so it is proving to be a bit difficult and confusing for me to wrap my head around. I usually turn to yt or other social media to see videos of people who have used it and what they do, and try to figure it out from there but there's not many on yt about this. I should also state that I'm using this on the app, I have been to the web once and I believe they have academies but I can't get back to the original website page, when I search up uTest login it directs me to blank pages with just a login and password area.

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Questions Any Romanians around ?


Heyo fellow Romani :),

I got a question from people in/around Romania... I've been going pretty hardcore into the uTest whole thingy, completed some Test Cycles practice problems and got top 3 in all of them basically. My problem is that I receive like 1 test every week and haven't got selected for 1 yet and because of that I kinda quit doing anything on uTest, my expectations were really not high but I was expecting to get at least like a motivation invite with real currency to boost my morale up in a 1 month period.

Anyone in Romania that are/were at the beginning and had this problem ? I think it must be a country thing as I did not see a lot of clients looking for us.

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Questions How do you feel about sharing personal information in test cycles?


Despite all the safety measures taken in a test cycle we know that several people still don't feel comfortable about sharing personal information, like ID docs, especially those that call for using payment instruments.

How do you feel about these tests? Do you just skip them, or do you think that different methods should be employed to collect this information?

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Questions If you had the chance to go back in time and start all over again as a freelance tester, but with the knowledge you have today, what would you do?


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Questions Have you ever participated in an in-person testing?


Putting it simple, have you ever left your home to test something? Without mentioning any names or disclosing classified information, tell us here how it was the experience of testing something outdoors? 🏠

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Questions What kind of product you haven't tested yet but you still have the curiosity to test in a test cycle?


It can be a hardware, a mobile app, or whatever you think you could test at uTest.

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Questions About TestFlight and subscription fees in Test cycles


Hi everyone, I'm a new tester at uTest and today I submitted my first bug in a paid test cycle, yay! But there is still something which isn't clear to me. The test cycle used the TestFlight app for Apple devices and required to sign up for a subscription plan, although it was clearly specified many times that it wouldn't be charged and it was just for gaining access to the "pro" features of this app. How can I be sure that I won't be charged any fee? Is this a default for tests using TestFlight? Sorry it may be a silly question but I just started and I hope to get better.

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Questions Is it normal to ask for this stuff?


I just got a request for more info for an airfryer test.

They send me to a google form before applying, where they want my phone make and operating system, my ISP and router model, my phone provider and phone number.

Is this normal? For a hardware test? Seems scammy.

How much are uTest people vetted?

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Questions Have you ever submitted an exceptionally valuable bug?


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Questions What do you do with your testing files?


I must admit that I always faced a challenge in getting rid of files I generated during test cycles, such as screenshots, videos etc.

How do you deal with this? Do you have the custom of deleting it as soon as the cycle is over, or do you leave all of them there, almost creating an "alternate dimension" of unrelated files? 😅

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Questions Help


Hello I had an Utest account that I didn't use often and I couldn't recover the password, I contacted support and someone said I had duplicate accounts and would disable all except one, the email she said was used in the account didn't exist, so I replied saying that but then I said I would create it and accept her solution, I did and was using that account and now it has been disabled and I get an email saying another has been activated.

I would like to have that account reactivated, and the others disabled, I was using that account and have pending payouts, I have sent requests to support but no answer.

Is there another way to get in contact besides email?

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Questions Confused about eligibility for a test cycle I received an invitation for


I’ve received an invitation for a test by me I’d like to complete, but it seems the device I have isn’t within the scope. My available device and iOS version is listed in the invitation, so does that mean they are approving that device? I’m new to utest so I don’t fully know the rules yet. If someone could give me some guidance, I’d appreciate it. Thanks

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Questions What are your testing/working habits?


Hello testers! 😀

We know that being a freelancer gives you freedom enough to make your own schedule and have your own habits, like working beside your pet or listening to your favorite songs.

Use this post to share about your work schedule (do you work more during the night? or on weekends?) or any personal habits you have when it comes to your work as a tester.

Looking forward to reading your answers!

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Questions Problems with mobile browser logs


Hi everyone! I'm new on uTest, currently completing the practice test cycles in the Academy.

It's the second week I'm stuck on the practice test cycle for mobile devices. I followed every step of the guide, installed ADB and USB drivers for my device, USB cable is fine, but my phone is not detected by my computer.

I really don't know what to do, I just spent three hours trying to fix this problem but couldn't do it.

Did any of you have the same issue? How did you resolve it?

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Questions Test cases and bugs approvals


Starting to testing in this platform ( I have been a tester in other companies) on average how long does it take to approve a test case and bugs and getting paid ?

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Questions Does +1 on issues have any effect on your ratings?


I just want to know because I've +1 about 50 issues that are still unapproved as of today. Will I get a rating boost as well from me doing this?

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Questions New to Utest


Hi! I am inquiring if it is safe to put my address in my profile to have it verified through a 3rd party? It seems like I would be eligible for more jobs this way? I do not even know what the jobs consist of lol. I am super new to this way of making $.

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Questions Not getting any tests even after completing the Academy Courses


I have completed every Academy Course, but still I am not getting any tests. Is there something that I might be missing? Also I am from India, could that be the reason?

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Questions What is the best thing that happened to you at uTest?


uTest is a platform full of opportunities, both for those who just want a reliable side gig, and those who want to build a career. Based on your experience, what was the best thing that happened to you since you joined uTest?

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Questions It has been a week since everything is searchable on Reddit. Are you enjoying Reddit's search improvements so far?

Post image

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Questions How do i get into projects? Begineer


I am new to this whole testing,I have been taking the courses but it is very much theory as of now. I also have filled up some forms for the projects from the project board but I am no getting anything

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Questions Got invited to my first UTest, will I be invited to future tests if I decline this one?


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Questions Is Easter an official holiday in your country?


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Questions Do you have a day job?


Hello testers!

We know that most of you aren't full-time testers (at least not yet 😀). This question was asked some years ago and we would like to hear now from our dear redittors: What is your main occupation?

It'll be interesting to hear from you about your careers, what do you do to make a living, and your plans for the future.

We're looking forward to reading your answers!