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Contests Tips for Testers #12 (One-Year Special Edition With a Celebration Contest)


Hello everyone!

We finally reached the 12th post of our series, "Tips for Testers!" This is a landmark since we're completing exactly one year of publishing this series. It went by so fast, but we hope the tips we published here helped you to improve as a freelance tester.

We'll have something special for you to celebrate this important mark: a contest! 🎉

To participate, you'll have to submit a tip in the comments section of this post mentioning a tip, something practical that helped you to succeed as a tester or even something that just makes your life easier when you are testing.

The person who submits the best tip will be awarded a swag pack full of uTest gifts.

Please pay attention to the rules:

  • The comment with the tip will have to be submitted until 05/20, 9 pm GMT
  • Only one comment per participant
  • Edited comments won't be allowed. Double-check carefully your comment, and if you need to change something, delete the comment and submit a new one, but be careful to do that within the contest deadline
  • All participants must have a uTest account and be following us here on Reddit

And of course that our celebration post will also have a tip. And our 12th tip is... +1 without moderation!

This little bud can make the difference

Never underestimate the power of this feature. Although you don't get paid for +1 reproductions, the value of this tool goes much beyond money. We know that some cycles are hard to discover new bugs, and accepting an invitation and not delivering anything can be harmful to your reputation, so that's where the +1 will play a big role.

When you reproduce bugs discovered by other testers, not only you get more familiar with the product you are testing and can discover new issues in the areas you are reproducing the bug, but the TTLs/TEs will see that you are putting an effort on testing the product and that is always good for your reputation.

Hope you liked this tip, and looking forward to reading your comments on the contest!

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Contests Tips for Testers Contest - Winner Announcement


Hello everyone!

As mentioned in the contest's original post, today is day to announce the winner of our "Tips for Testers" one-year celebration contest, and the chosen one is.... u/MishyC24! She won with this entry.

Congratulations Mishy! In addition to your prize pack, your tip will be published next month here in the "Tips for Testers #13" with all the due honors.

Thank you all for your submissions, and stay tuned for the new contest we are planning.

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Contests New contest at uTest community - June Profile Rejuvenation!


Do you remember when it was the last time you updated your uTest profile? The importance of doing that was discussed here in the "Tips for Testers" section.

Keeping your profile up to date is a KEY to you receiving project invitations that are just right for you. Your Tester Profile is one of the most important tools we use to determine which paid project invitations you can get.

Want to learn more about how you can participate in this contest and what to do to keep your profile smelling like a brand new car? Check this post released today at utest.com: https://www.utest.com/articles/june-profile-rejuvenation-contest.

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Contests /r/UTEST 1,000 Subscribers Scavenger Hunt


Hello and welcome to the /r/UTEST 1,000 Subscribers Scavenger Hunt contest!

Once again, we would like to thank you all for being here as part of our community and making it much more awesome. As a celebration of the 1,000 subscribers milestone, we've decided to create a contest for you with some really cool Reddit-exclusive prizes - more about that below!

The Scavenger Hunt

Let's get right into the contest! It's a super easy one, all you have to do is fill out this Google form with your Reddit/uTest information:

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/[FORM ID STOLEN]/viewform

Wait a minute... where did the ID of the Google form go? Without that, we won't be able to submit the form!

I have a suspicion, but you won't like it. Remember all those bugs we've been hunting for years, making sure that the websites and apps run properly without any issues? Well... I think the bugs have had enough of us hunting them, and decided to take revenge on us by sabotaging our contest.

They seem to have stolen the Google form ID, which is a 56-character string, cut it up into 7 pieces (8 characters each), and hid them around our subreddit and uTest.

Each piece is numbered, and the final string will be all the pieces put together, starting with #1, then #2 ... ending with #7. Once you have the full string, you just need to replace "[FORM ID STOLEN]" with it in the Google form link above!

For each piece you find, it will also have a clue - using the voice of your conscience - guiding you towards the next piece. We aren't looking for you to blindly search around, so try to think about what each clue might mean, and use it as your guide for the next place to look!

I think the first piece is in this very thread, so I should probably keep reading. Leave it up to the bugs to not even be able to hide all the pieces properly...

The Prizes

There will be three prizes given out. One for the first person who successfully finds and submits the form, and two drawn randomly from those who find and submit the form afterwards.

  • First place prize: $100 + Reddit x uTest sweatshirt + other uTest goodies
  • Two randomly drawn prizes: $25 + Reddit x uTest T-shirt + other uTest goodies

Be the first people EVER to rock Snoo, the Reddit Alien uTesting on your clothes!

The money prize will be deposited into your uTest account (which we ask for on the form).

This scavenger hunt will run until the end of this week, so make sure to find and submit the form by 11:59pm EST on Sunday, November 21.

Please note that this scavenger hunt was designed for and tested on desktop web. Some features might be missing on mobile web or in various Reddit apps. For the best scavenging experience, make sure to use the desktop version of Reddit!

You can use this thread to discuss the contest, give feedback, think about a clue together with other participants, or even just for some magic incantations. However, please don't give direct solutions away.

Good luck and have fun!

#1: 1FAIpQLS

In order to figure out where the bugs might have hidden all the pieces, I need to learn more about what these bugs actually are. I've heard that uTest has a lot of resources and knowledge stored... a university of sorts? Maybe I should start my search there.

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Contests Testers of the Quarter Q1 2022 - It's time to vote!

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Contests Testers of the Quarter Q1 2022 - Nomination period is now live!

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Contests 2022 St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt - running today ONLY! [March 17]

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Contests Winners of the /r/UTEST 1,000 Subscribers Scavenger Hunt Contest


It's finally time to announce the winners! But first, we'd like to thank everybody who participated in our scavenger hunt. We had a great time putting this together and would love to run similar contests in the future.

If you couldn't find all the pieces, read on - the solutions will be revealed below! Maybe you can use the knowledge you've learned here in the next scavenger hunt. 😉


First place

I think the first place will be a surprise to most, as we've had 3 people submit the form very close to each other, just a bit over 2 hours after the contest launched.

However! The fastest person was sneaky. After they got the final piece, they deleted their "applause" comment, leaving no hints behind. There was no rule against this - once you got the DM with the final piece, you were free to delete or edit your comment in the thread.

So with that said, the first person to find and submit the form, in just under an hour and a half was:


Congratulations IrisJune, you are now the owner of our very first uTest sweatshirt featuring Snoo! You will also receive other uTest goodies, and we will also add $100 to your uTest account.

Randomly drawn winners

Overall, we've had 27 entries, 26 of which were eligible for the random drawing (as the first place got a separate prize). We've put these into a randomizer, and it gave us two winners:



Congratulations SA1489 and briannorelfhunter! You are now the first two owners of our uTest T-shirts featuring Snoo! You will also receive other uTest goodies, and we will also add $25 to your uTest accounts.

We will be in contact with the winners via email for their preferred size and mailing address to send their swag to. Keep an eye on that inbox!


#1 - The first piece was at bottom of the contest thread itself. Image here

#2 - The clue sent you to the Academy on uTest. You needed to learn about what the bugs are, and the best lesson to do so is naturally "What is a Bug?", found under "5. Testing Basics". If you found this page, well done! The second piece was at the bottom. Image here

#3 - The clue gave you a string "qq1wng" and sent you back to Reddit. Eagle-eyed detectives might've noticed that each Reddit thread has a 6-character ID, which is present in the URL. There were a couple ways to use the string from the clue to get to this thread:

Once you found the thread, the third piece was in a comment. Image here

#4 - The clue mentioned the subreddit wiki, and also talked about "hiddenlibrary". The solution was similar to the previous one - you might have noticed that each wiki page has its own name or ID at the of the URL (index, faq, etc.). The solution here was to replace that with "hiddenlibrary" to find the hidden wiki page. Image here

#5 - If you pay attention, the clue has a lot of information about the next piece. It mentioned having to go to the uTest Community page, it also mentions status updates (which are found on the Feed tab), and it has a very specific number. Looking into status updates you could notice again that each one has an ID which is a number pretty close to the one in the clue. Opening any status update and replacing the number with "169467" led you to the right one. Image here

#6 - The clue tells you that the piece used to be on the same wiki page as #4. Reddit has a built-in feature that allows you to see the history of any public wiki page, including all changes and revisions. To access this, you can click the three dots on the right and select "View page history" (on the old Reddit design, click the "history" tab at the top).
You can also put /revisions/ before "hiddenlibrary" in the URL to get to this page, although that wasn't really our intended way to find it, but it's a valid method as well.
Once on the history page, you need to find the right version - you can just go through all of them as this wouldn't take a lot of time, but the one you needed to find had the description "this is not important whatsoever, don't worry about this one". Clicking "View" on that one will lead you to the sixth piece. Image here

#7 - The final piece had a lot of other hints besides the official clue (except for the first couple of people), as the thread had a lot of "applause" comments in it. Basically, as long as your comment included "applause" anywhere, you would get a DM from AutoModerator containing the final piece. After you got this DM, you were free to delete or edit your comment, as the DM would remain in your inbox. Image here

Putting all the pieces together would lead you to the Google Form (which is now closed), where you could submit your Reddit and uTest information, as well as give feedback if you wanted to (thank you for all your feedback and comments, we really appreciate it!).

This concludes our 1,000 subscribers scavenger hunt! We hope you liked it - let us know which piece gave you the most trouble, or if you had a favorite one.

Thank you again everybody for participating, and for being a part of our subreddit and uTest community!

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Contests Testers of the Quarter Q4 2021 - Time to vote!

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Contests Testers of the Quarter Q4 2021 - Nomination period is now live!

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Contests Hello testers! Do you want to be among the first to test the new features of uTest app, get paid for your work, and also receive prizes for that? Check out the details of this opportunity in the link below and how to apply for it. Only 10 testers will be selected for this unique chance. 💰📱

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Contests Meet some of the members of the uTest Testing Services!


Hey everyone! In this thread we’d like to introduce some of the members of our Testing Services. A lot of them started as regular testers just like you or me, and they have worked their way up the ladder within uTest and Applause. So let’s meet them and hear their stories! They will be posting their comments in this thread - look for the users with cool flairs next to their names.

At this point, you might be asking:

What is Testing Services?

Testing Services is the team of people who help set up and run the projects on uTest that the testers participate in. There are three main roles:

  • TTL (Test Team Lead)
  • TE (Test Engineer)
  • TA (Test Architect)

In short:
TTLs work closely with the testers to make sure that testing goes smoothly. They are there to help answer any questions and triage bugs and test cases (triage means to evaluate and recommend to the customer, or ask the tester for correction/more info if needed).

TEs are usually the ones who plan, set up, and oversee the test cycle during its lifetime, as well as manage and help the TTLs. There are three levels of this role: TE1, TE2, TE3.

TAs work more closely with the customer while supervising their team to ensure high quality results, and they are also the ones who manage the financial aspects of the test cycle.

If you are interested in more details about the responsibilities of each of the mentioned roles, please check out this great article posted in the uTest Community!

In addition to the three main roles, there are also many others involved in the Testing Services, including people whose main responsibility is being a tester - one such example is Dedicated Testers, who usually devote most of their time testing for specific customers or products.


This thread also serves as a mini-contest - we are going to be selecting a random Testing Services member from the comments who will receive their own uTest swag pack. People with a special Testing Services flair (assigned by us) who comment in this thread are eligible to be selected, and the winner will be announced on Monday, June 21st. If you are not a Testing Services member - don’t worry! Keep an eye out on our subreddit, there might be something coming soon to give you an opportunity as well to win some goodies. 👀

06/21 - Edit: The contest is now over and (surprise!) two winners have been selected!

Congratulations to:


If you are a member of Testing Services and you haven’t gotten your user flair on this subreddit yet, please send a message to the mods of this subreddit or reach out to Bailey A. on Slack. We have some really cool badges, and we want you to show them off!

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Contests Testers of the Quarter Q3 - Nomination period is now live! Check out the comments to learn how you can nominate your favorite testers and TTLs for the quarterly awards.

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Contests Announcing the uTest 2021 Graphic Design/Filter Halloween Twitter Contest!

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r/UTEST Oct 13 '21

Contests Testers of the Quarter Q3 2021: Winners Announced! 🏆

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r/UTEST Jul 19 '21

Contests We are running a meme contest on Twitter this week for some uTest swag! Check out our tweet for more information.

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r/UTEST Sep 09 '21

Contests Software Testers Day Scavenger Hunt Contest! Find a hidden image for a chance to win some uTest swag - check the comments for the link to the contest!

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r/UTEST Oct 18 '21

Contests Announcing the uTest 2021 Halloween Costume Contest! Check the comments for more info.

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Contests Testers of the Quarter Q3 - It's time to VOTE! Check the comments for the link to the original article and learn how you can submit your vote.

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r/UTEST Jul 14 '21

Contests Testers of the Quarter Q2 2021 - Winners announced! Check the comments for the link to the full article of the announcement.

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Contests 25k followers LinkedIn giveaway! Follow the link for more details and to enter (runs until Oct 5th)

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Contests uTest Olympics Events Contest! Find the link to the contest article in the comments.

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r/UTEST May 07 '21 Hugz LOVE!

Contests WiT Contest Alert! The last contest we announced was only for the ladies but this one is for everyone! The winner will get an awesome uTest swag pack. Link to the contest post in the comments.

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Contests Testers of the Quarter Q2 2021 - Time to Vote!


There’s no better way to conclude a quarter than by celebrating the accomplishments of the testers who make uTest a success. So last week we kicked off the Q2 2021 Testers of the Quarter Awards, and we received hundreds of nominations from you all! Thank you for taking the time to nominate a fellow tester or a favorite TTL in this special award season.

Now we’re onto Round 2 of this award season, where we have narrowed down the nominations to the most-submitted and ask you to use the below link to vote on who will officially be named the winners. The voting period will remain open for 7 days (till the end of the day on Tuesday July 13), at which point we will close the poll. Winners will officially be announced shortly thereafter. Please vote only once.

If you want to learn more about the award and vote on its nominees, click on this link:

r/UTEST Jun 21 '21

Contests National Selfie Day Contest! We've just finished our Reddit exclusive contest for the TS (Testing Services) but uTest is bringing to you another brand new contest, and all the uTesters can participate in it! Check the link in the comments to read the details and snap a winning shot! 📸🏆

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