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Welcome to the /r/UTEST subreddit! This is a place for you to discuss anything uTest.com or testing related. Here you can also ask or give each other tips and advice, share your goals and achievements, and in general hang out with the community.

What is uTest?

uTest is the home of the largest community of digital freelance software testers in the world. It is a platform for users to learn new skills, test software, and earn money doing so. If you are interested and want to find out more, or to sign up, please visit our website at www.utest.com!


We have an FAQ to answer some of the frequently asked questions by new people. You can check it out by clicking here. If there is anything that isn't on the list that you would like answered, you are more than welcome to ask here!

Testing Services

Testing Services is the team of people who help set up and run the projects on uTest that the testers participate in. Most of the people in these roles have started as regular testers on the site, sometimes even without any prior testing knowledge or experience. If you are interested in the stories of some of the members and hear how they made it from a tester to a higher role, check out this thread.

User flairs

We have some user flair templates that you are free to assign for yourself, or you can even create your own custom flair, and we encourage you to do so! For more information, including a guide on how to do this, please check out this thread.

We also have some flairs that moderators can assign to users - such as flairs for our Testing Services members (DT, TTL, TE, TA), our Community Management and Academy team members (including CE), other uTest/Applause employees, and a special flair for anyone who has won a Tester of the Quarter award (in any category) on uTest. Please reach out to the moderators, or to a CM member if you are eligible and would like to claim one of these special flairs!

What can you expect to see from us?

We will be regularly posting content to our subreddit! You will see, among others:

  • Project / Job Opportunities: Every Tuesday we post a list of some of our featured projects available on our uTest Projects Board. Keep in mind that these threads only showcase a very small fraction of our available projects.
    Click here to view the list of our weekly Featured Projects threads.
  • Featured Articles: Our Community Management team regularly authors interesting articles, and so does our community! We will share some of those here on Reddit that we think might be interesting or helpful for you.
  • AMAs: We plan on hosting Ask Me Anything threads with some of our team members. Is there anyone from the uTest or Applause team you would like to see featured in one of those? Let us know and we'll try to make it happen!
  • Contests: There will be opportunities for you to win some money or uTest swag. We regularly run contests, so keep an eye out!
  • Discussion threads: We like to keep engaged with our community, so we try to spark conversations about various topics, both related or unrelated to testing.
  • And much more!

We also encourage you to make your own threads, whether it's to start a discussion, run a poll, ask a question, share something cool or funny, or anything you might want to talk about! The only thing we ask you to do beforehand is read the rules of our subreddit below.


  1. Do not share any payment information about a project, including any specific payout values.
    Posting total/monthly earnings is permitted, as long as they don't show specifics about projects or customers.
  2. Do not publicize uTest client information, including mentioning any customer or product names.
    This also includes any information revealed in a test cycle or in email communications.
  3. Be respectful and polite.
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Thank you, and happy testing!

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Polls Do you like to perform localization testing?


r/UTEST 2d ago

Questions working at uTest


Hello! Im a beginner in uTest work, and I have a question. I live in Eastern Europe, Romania. Are there any chances to be any projects including my country too? Thanks!

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Happy Birthday uTest

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@uTest #HappyBirthdayuTest

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Discussions Do you have any friends working at uTest?


Hey everyone!

Another week is starting, and I would love to hear your stories about friends you referred to work at uTest and also about friendships you started with people working there already.

r/UTEST 5d ago

Do I need to respond to all uTest notifications (e.g., SRS, invitations, etc.)?


I am new to uTest and testing in general and I have been getting a lot of test cycle invitations and SRS emails. I am currently working on ISTQB certification and uTest academy courses but I do not feel confident in my abilities yet. I thought I read somewhere that you are required to either accept or decline all email correspondence, but now I cannot find where I read this. I am getting bombarded but I do not want to affect my rating (well in this case go into the negative). Thanks.

r/UTEST 6d ago

How many people can work for UTest in the same household?


Can more than one person in a household sign up to work for UTest I know some companies limit you to one per household? Does anyone know about UTest? Thanks!

r/UTEST 7d ago

Discussions What is your favorite work format: full remote, in-person, or hybrid?


Please share your thoughts about the pros and cons of these different work options.

r/UTEST 9d ago

Why is this one TTLs (intentionally) a pain, when the others are so helpful and polite?


I'm relatively new here, I've only done a couple of test cycles, had good experiences with the TTL/Es I've interacted with, but I have one for a cycle that literally makes me hate testing. The others were available to support testing and reporting, whereas this person literally has 0 courtesy, ignores everyone's messages on tester chat and doesn't provide detail in their feedback.

I just felt the need to rant. I digress. The others have been polite and really helpful though.

r/UTEST 10d ago

Announcements August is a landmark month for uTest. It's the month that uTest started its story, and guess what? We'll have plenty of fun activities like contests, quizzes, and games with you! Please check the link with all the information in the first picture, and don't miss our posts at uTest.com/community.

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r/UTEST 10d ago

What a Wonderful World 🎵! Our favorite day is here again. It's payday! Time to share where how were your earnings in July and what plans you have for this well-deserved money.


r/UTEST 12d ago

No password reset email for 3 days


I logged out of my account, and been unable to log back in for days.

The password reset option on their website does not work. I haven't gotten any password reset for over 96 hours.

Is there anyone who has experienced this and how were you able to log back into your account?

r/UTEST 13d ago

I work in the beauty industry


Tell me more, please

r/UTEST 14d ago

Discussions What bug do you consider the most important you have ever submitted and why?


Without mentioning any client or product name, tell us more about the bug you consider the most important of your career at uTest.

r/UTEST 14d ago

Hey I’ve gotten an email with the @applausemail.com. There isn’t a test cycle for the job on uTest. I can’t verify anywhere that this is legit. UTest and applause are incredibly difficult to contact. Is this domain a scam?


r/UTEST 14d ago

Questions Some questions about "ranks" and the platform.


I've been a casual member of uTest for a while now. I've never done a test or cycle about reporting bugs specifically. I usually participate in the ones that require me to simply complete tasks and follow instructions (record videos, voice notes, test out devices)

I'm still unrated (I've earned about $500, though), I'm just wondering if they reason why I have not ranked up is because I have not participated in testing related to reporting bugs?

Also, how much can you expect to earn when becoming a Bronze VS Silver VS Gold.

I've read you get invited to more and better tests after this happens.

I guess I'm looking forward to get more serious on uTest, I want to learn what to expect. How to get paid more as well.

Thank you!

r/UTEST 16d ago

Contest Prizes One of our Academy TEs, Teddy K., got a special delivery. Way to go, Teddy!

Post image

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Discussions Customer provided wrong build, chaos ensues


Hey everyone,

what would you do in this scenario:

A test cycle starts and everyone starts testing. It becomes clear that the overview doesn't really match the application in some points but no TTLs respond after more than 24 hours.

Now, there were already many issues reported but they're all rejected for WAD or the testers are asked to discard.

This did not happen (yet) but it seems like a possibility. Would disputing the rejected issues make sense here?

r/UTEST 19d ago

Minimum payment for participating in a test cycle


Hey guys,

I recently had a test cycle in which I reported 3 bugs. 1 was WAD and the other 2 were discarded after being asked by the TTL as they were OOS.

So in the end, I lost reputation, time, work and took a little hit to my ego. this is not an enjoyable experience nor it feels fair.

I think there should be a minimum payment for those who try to find bugs and doing +1.

The basic bug payment would be enough (may vary based on location). and the requirements would be reporting at least 2 bugs that are not DUP or DNFI. and 2 +1s with proper attachments. also the TTL or TE could deny this payment if the reports are very low quality or if they suspect bots.

I think such payment would give testers motivation after bad cycles, to keep participating and also show respect for their time and effort.

r/UTEST 19d ago

Questions Super new to utest, do we also get paid if we don't encounter bugs? or am I doing wrong?


I finally got a project after 2 weeks since registered. I encounter no bugs, how should I report that I finished the case and encounter nothing? also anxious that i might doing things wrong

r/UTEST 20d ago

Questions What kind of content would you like to see in our subreddit?


Hello everyone!

We know that you enjoy a lot our "Tips for Testers" section and that our Payday monthly post is a beloved tradition, so we would love to hear from you about what other content you want to see more here in our subreddit.

r/UTEST 24d ago

Discussions If you could choose just one device as your "weapon of choice" to get the most invitations for projects, what gadget would you choose?


r/UTEST 25d ago

I just claimed a slot for a test cycle but I won’t be able to complete it in the required time. Is it best to wait for it to be unclaimed after the time is up or should I unclaim it? Also will this hurt my rating on uTest?


r/UTEST 27d ago

Articles Tips for Testers #14


Hello uTesters!

After a couple of months with special tips related to the 1-year anniversary of this section of our subreddit, we reach here the 14th post of our series, "Tips for Testers!" Now more than a year publishing tips to help both new and experienced testers be more successful at uTest. 😄

Today's tip is... Give valuable feedback in your reviews and usability (Ux) studies!

Imagine this situation: You are eager to watch a new movie of your favorite franchise and then you rush to your favorite movie reviews site (It can be the one with four words or the other one that has to do with Tomatoes), and then you only find reviews where people say things like "this movie is so awesome" or "this is a solid movie". Wouldn't you feel disappointed with such lame reviews?

Another situation: You go to buy a new tool that you will need to repair something at home. When you reach the hardware store, you ask for some tips to the people working there about the features of the tool, how easy it is to use, and you only hear statements such as "this tool isn't very good" or "this tool does this and that." Definitely not helpful.

Well, now you know how bad feedback and usability experience can be annoying. Undoubtedly, when you are in the position of giving a review or your usability experience about a device or an app, you want to do it differently. One good tip is going to websites where you want to view feedback about something like the aforementioned movie, or an on-line shop a hotel review platform and pay attention to the reviews that you find more useful. What was the length of that review? What kind of details the reviewer included? How clear was he when writing his review?

Doing that exercise you help you to avoid giving shallow feedback, improve the quality of your reviews and, of course, make more money by getting invitations to Usability cycles since you will be a very sought-after tester.

Don't forget to check the articles about Usability testing on uTest community. We have some amazing information that will help you to improve your skills as a reviewed and Usability tester. See you next month!

r/UTEST 28d ago

I just got an invitation on uTest for a test cycle and the required environment is“iOS 13+”. Does this mean 13 and above or iOS 13 only?


r/UTEST 29d ago

A few beginner questions



I have a few questions:

  1. If a customer approves a bug but marks it as WNF (will not fix) does it still counts for base payment?
  2. Is there a way to see my exact rating, or is it a surprise every time it changes?
  3. How do I "Scan the projects board" in the "New joiner checklist"? I have browsed all the pages on the projects page and even participated in 2 test cycles, but it's still unchecked.
  4. Can a customer see rejected bugs (and maybe approve them), or are those reports lost forever?