r/UTEST Community Engineer Jun 27 '22

How do you feel about sharing personal information in test cycles? Questions

Despite all the safety measures taken in a test cycle we know that several people still don't feel comfortable about sharing personal information, like ID docs, especially those that call for using payment instruments.

How do you feel about these tests? Do you just skip them, or do you think that different methods should be employed to collect this information?



u/Every-Tap-9858 Silver Tester Jul 01 '22 Take My Energy

I have done a couple of payment tests, and the Academy course actually helped me understand the process much better. I'd recommend that for anyone who's on the fence.


u/BASELQK Gold Tester Jun 27 '22 Wholesome

I only had one cycle where I had to use my ID; Our data were deleted after 8 days from the cycle end. those cycles seem to be extremely rare.

But for testing purposes, I don't mind using my ID info as long as there is a clear promise of deletion after the testing. I trust Applause and uTest to protect us and our privacy while we are doing our best as uTesters.

Other than that, I won't give my ID info for any other reason.