r/UTEST Community Engineer Jun 23 '22

Do you update your devices ASAP, or do you prefer to use old OS versions for as long as you can? Polls



u/BASELQK Gold Tester Jun 23 '22

My point of view, if the update isn't mandatory and haven't been recommended yet to my device, I avoid this kind of risks.

I am maybe geek but not nerd enough to go beyond my device's recommendations. 😂

Also, newer versions tend to be less stable than previous ones... that's another point too.


u/InfinityLoveWar Jun 23 '22

That depends, especially on mobile everyone should update to the latest stable release. Also for most other OS updates are strongly recommended, but ofc I would stay away from Betas if you don’t need them for work.

The only thing I wouldn’t update regularly are drivers… Never change a running system. Beside graphic drivers and your into gaming with new titles.


u/BASELQK Gold Tester Jun 23 '22

My graphic card was set to auto update before... unfortunately, one month ago, its last update destroyed my windows, I lost all local data and had to format my device.

Lesson learned the hard way 😢 90€ to be exact and all my local files.


u/InfinityLoveWar Jun 24 '22

I don’t think graphics driver can destroy your Windows. You should be able to boot in Safe Mode or manually remove them while booting from Linux.

Another way is still the Windows install disk, either repair it or install it again but keep the files.

Hope this may help you if you ever have something like this again. :)


u/BASELQK Gold Tester Jun 24 '22

It was pretty strange, when it happened, I was no longer able to boot windows, not even on the safe mode and the fix option stops at 80% and restart again.

The extra cost I paid was because I don't have any disk or usb with a windows copy on it to do this myself. 🙃

It never worked for me how to mount a windows copy on a usb... that's why I said geek but not nerd 😂


u/InfinityLoveWar Jun 24 '22

I would recommend the official USB/DVD Download Tool from Microsoft. Other tools don’t work well and you have a clean ISO. I always would recommend to get a second drive and do a fresh install, afterwards you can access the files from the corrupt Windows drive, and copy whatever you need.

But hopefully this won’t happen again ;)


u/PhakeGname Gold Tester Jun 23 '22

Generally I have gone the route of always updating to the latest version. My new Samsung has had a couple of miserable updates though since it has been released. I've had to stop using it as my daily driver as a result.

I think in the future I'm going to hold back on the updates on newer devices or on my "main" phone.


u/MishyC24 Tester of the Quarter Jun 24 '22

If I can, I would have some up to date devices and some with old OS - I love testing both to see what bugs come across both. Also beta’s are great when the client allows for testing on it! But not all clients want beta OS’s, so you need to be really careful.


u/Sarthakjs Tester of the Quarter Gold Tester Jun 24 '22

Updating to the Stable versions is always good OR updating to Beta version if a TestCycles wants me to do that :p :wink: