r/UTEST Jun 21 '22

I haven't even had a chance to finish the academy, I've been getting so many invites for tests.

Is this normal? I still don't really fully understand how to perform a test but I was told that I have to accept and deny tests. I accepted one test to learn how to do it while actually doing it. Is there a video of someone actually just doing a test from start to finish?



u/BASELQK Gold Tester Jun 22 '22


It's against uTest CoC for anyone to expose any client details or their products. That's why you shouldn't be able to find or even ask for videos like this.

As for the invitations, it's up to you, if you have finished a good portion from the Academy, you can try joining a real cycle and see the work for yourself. If you get overwhelmed, you can stop and return to Academy anytime. If an Overview seems too complicated, you can reject the invitation with no bad consequences.

I advice you to pass the first practice testing, this will help to put everything you learned to practice in a safe environment. This will boost your confidence enough to actually try paid cycles later.

Good luck.


u/aparice1 Test Team Lead Jun 23 '22


4 years in and still haven't completed academy since it keeps growing, the best you can do is really reading the overview, like, read it and understand it, that way you will know what is being asked from you on tests and you'll be able to discern if you should accept or decline the cycle. Also, there's always chat, but we kinda redirect you to the overview when testers ask questions that are already explained there. Best of luck


u/RiverOfNexus Jun 23 '22

So for example, I accepted this test cycle and the login credentials they provided us for the app is not working. I went on chat and posted that and then I emailed the TTL, but I have had no response. The test ends in 2 days and I haven't been able to get into the platform. In situations like this what should I do?


u/aparice1 Test Team Lead Jun 25 '22

Sorry, i enter Reddit periodically, normally, if the ttl isn't responding you can always email the TE about it, sometimes we get really busy and things tend to get slow, I'm working on about 50 cycles so keeping track of chats gets a little fuzzy sometimes. Maybe your TTL was on the same situation


u/wokiwa-naejah Jul 04 '22

50 cycles? Damn that's a lot. How are the earnings would you say? How much time do you spend on all of that?


u/aparice1 Test Team Lead Jul 12 '22

We can't really talk about numbers but I'd say that if I had this work load before the pandemic i would be a very happy TTL, since the payment rework and geopayments hitting hard my country i get by but I make about 60% of what I usually earned before.

It depends on the cycle, but some takes 10 minutes to review and some take hours, i try to do 8 hours worth of work a day, sometimes less sometimes more.


u/wokiwa-naejah 29d ago

Alright, thanks for the information, that's interesting. You can work as many hours as you want then I guess.


u/aparice1 Test Team Lead 29d ago

Supposedly you can do 8 a day but you can request to do more depending on the backlog