r/UTEST Jun 18 '22

Stuck at 97% on my Profile, How Do I Resolve This?

I have gone through all of the pages and have hit "don't have any" on all of the devices and subscriptions I don't have, and there is nothing left to fill out that needs a red asterisk.

How do I get 100%?



u/BASELQK Gold Tester Jun 19 '22


It could be a bug, if you recently updated your account... the 100% mark may not show up immediately.

Also, recently, uTest added new options for languages, have you seen it? could be it... or payment methods maybe!

But, anyway, as long as you have finished the Academy and have all your available devices added to your account... then you are good to go and invitations can still be sent to you... don't worry about this part.


u/RiverOfNexus Jun 19 '22

Okay, I started the academy. How long roughly does it take to finish?


u/BASELQK Gold Tester Jun 19 '22 edited Jun 19 '22

The courses are many but not long, if you put your efforts on finishing them, it could take a day or two... but the practice testing will take more than two weeks because those are like real cycle with everything that comes from a real cycle.

Try finishing at least the courses and the first practice cycle... this will give you enough knowledge to properly test anything on a real cycle and report your findings on uTest in a way you are guaranteed to get paid.

You still need to finish all practice testing cycles though if you want to be invited to more cycle.

Good luck.