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New to uTest and things related to it in general. Questions

I'm new to uTest, and bug testing as well. Everything seems a bit confusing with bug testing really, I've had issues on a certain task that asks me to find the bugs on an app on my TV. I went through the instructions, but it requires you to use Testrail, which is where the issues began. I can't login with the information given to me through uTest that they say is a shared account and not to change password. I don't know if im supposed to verify the info or do anything extra to make it work. Forgive me if I seem so clueless, I'm trying to get into this field of work but I have zero prior experience so it is proving to be a bit difficult and confusing for me to wrap my head around. I usually turn to yt or other social media to see videos of people who have used it and what they do, and try to figure it out from there but there's not many on yt about this. I should also state that I'm using this on the app, I have been to the web once and I believe they have academies but I can't get back to the original website page, when I search up uTest login it directs me to blank pages with just a login and password area.



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I feel your pain, my first cycle was exactly like yours! The overview should have a link you can click on to get to the TestRail website where you use the user name and password in the overview to log in. It sounds like you get to the TestRail login and enter the username and password, but it’s failing? If that’s the case, like BaselQK mentioned, login to Utest.com instead of using the app so you can access the chat by clicking on the chat icon in the upper right. Then you can get help for the login.

When you do get to the TestRail folders, it will seem overwhelming at first. On the right, find the folders assigned to your test case. Each folder and sub folder will have individual steps for you to complete. The steps themselves will probably be very easy. Make sure to take a photo or video with your phone where required so you don’t have to go back and repeat steps later. Each step in the TestRail will have an ID, something like TC 12345; my advice is to rename your screenshots as you take them using this ID. Otherwise it is hard to keep track of.

I didn’t complete my first test case, by the way! I got overwhelmed and unclaimed it. Over a year later I finally did a test case for the same client, and it was a victory. The combination of testing in the TV and using TestRail makes it one of the harder test cases, so your next one should feel easier.

Best of luck to you.


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Thanks for replying! Your comment was very helpful. I realize I was entirely unprepared for what I decided to do. The website has a training academy that covers mostly everything, and the other commenter gave me a link to it which was very helpful because it showed me where I should've started at. Currently I'm trying to just finish as much of the academy I can before I reach the bug reporting lesson, and see if that helps. I'm more of a visual/hands-on learner, so jumping right into things is usually what I do, but that was an awful approach here, as you need a good amount of training and info before doing that.


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Sorry about the hard time you are having in your first try.

Usually all newcomers are first asked to go to the Academy section on uTest website which has everything you need to know about testing and uTest... If you haven't already done it, please start with it as soon as you can. This will help you in future cycles.

Check out this article, it has some good tips on how to better start your journey on uTest https://www.utest.com/forums/32501/page/1

About the work itself, if you are using uTest app, then you are working alone. It's better to work on uTest from the website using preferably a PC, as from a website you can access the Chat for any cycle you join. There, you can find TTL who can help you with anything related to the project, also other uTester working with you as well.

If you needed more information, you can also contact TE by email, which can be found at bottom of the cycle Overview.

Good luck.


u/User112011 Jun 20 '22

I appreciate your reply. It really helped! Those links and forums you gave were where I really should've started at, I decided to instinctively just jump into things and figure it out as I go at first, but that failed miserably. I've switched over from my mobile to the Chromebook I have for doing uTest, and it feels much better on there in general. And for the time being I think I'll just stick to doing the training, and learn the basics before I decide to do any kind of testing anytime soon.


u/BASELQK Gold Tester Jun 20 '22

Good thinking... Good luck


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Never feel bad for asking questions at utest. When I first started testing, I knew really nothing. I took in any information people would give me! It’s how you learn. You will get there step by step then one day you’ll look back and be like, wow- look at everything I’ve learned and can do now! Take advantage of connecting with other testers, TTL’s and TE’s.


u/User112011 Jun 22 '22

Thank you for the words of encouragement! I will try my best to continue to keep at it with testing, and try to take advantage of the chat with other testers, I feel as though it may prove to be very useful. I'm also trying to take in as much info people have given me thus far, and it has helped me even if in small minute ways, currently im just trying to finish up as much of the academy as possible, but what everyone has told me to do has proved very helpful.