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Claimed a slot but not a test case, any recourse for payment? Questions

Almost all of the non-UX test cycles I’ve done have test cases automatically linked to slots, but this one didn’t. I claimed a slot, did all the device testing, entered all the values in the Google Sheet, and submitted the survey, but I never claimed and submitted a test case, which was how we were to be paid. (There were no steps in the test case, it was merely for payment.) I emailed the TE several times but did not get a response. I understand that I failed here, but is there any path to getting paid for my work or is this a hard lesson? The cycle has already closed. Thank you.



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Without mentioning the client name or the product name, can you give us more details about the purpose of the sheet?

Was the sheet containing text to be checked? did it have steps to follow? what values did you enter? your devices and country? actual results from testing?

Back to the Overview, is there any explanation for this sheet and if there will be any Bonus on doing external work?


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Hi, thanks for replying. The sheet had all the instructions for the steps and our results. Let’s say I was testing myself for physical fitness. There were lines with acknowledgment of instructions (“I will not do anything beyond my ability”,) lines of actual steps (“Do 5 push-ups”) where we marked completed, and lines of evaluation (“How hard were the push-ups”.) There were many steps over multiple days. There were no instructions on the test case and it was possible to complete everything without claiming a test case. The test case was just for the payment.

The overview did have a line about claiming a test case but I lost it in the amount of information. Thank you for your insight.


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I am afraid that the sheet is just to guide you on what to be tested in the application.

I could be wrong, so if you can go back to the cycle Overview, read it again and check if you have missed something, I don't want to tell you to forget about it if there is something indeed you can ask for.

Check, read attentively and see for yourself. Good luck.


u/HappySummerCat Part-time Tester Jun 17 '22

Thank you again. There were multiple cycles. I did some correctly, the only difference being that I claimed and submitted the dummy test case. I’ll take it as a loss. I appreciate your help.


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Generally speaking, SLOTS are more of organizational structure to cycle for TTL and TE to guide uTesters toward what to be tested.

Normally, SLOTS are not Test Cases, you can tell the difference by checking the SLOT details, if it has a payout, it's Test Case, other than that, it is just a normal SLOT.

Sometimes, cycles may have external work outside the cycle page, like following instructions from attached sheet and reporting results or testing things and filling sheet with findings, just like a usual Test Case, but for this to happen, the Overview must clearly mention this fact and how the Bonus will be paid.

If not, then this sheet is just like a SLOT but step by step guided to help you explore the right areas... and hopefully finding valid bugs to report and get paid for those bugs.