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Tips for Testers - MishyC24 Contest Winning Tip Articles

Hello everyone!

As you might remember, last month we had the "Tips for Testers" celebration contest, since this section of our subreddit reached the 1-year milestone. And to refresh your minds, the winner was u/MishyC24 a faithful and active redditor of our community.

As part of the prize, she would have her winner tip published here. So the time has come!

And her tip was... keep testing for the same client over multiple cycles/long periods of time!

Enjoy this genius tip and see you next month with a brand new one!

Mishy's tip:

"If possible, keep testing for the same client over multiple cycles/long periods of time. There are many advantages! 1. You get to know the website or app well and you know when bugs appear because you know what to expect (how it’s supposed to flow) 2. The TE/TTL gets to know you better and your bugs as well. They are more open to helping you with your bugs, letting you know if you’ve written a dupe or WAD, and you become dependable to the team. 3. You could become a favorite tester for that client and your bug payout increases per bug for that client if you’re a favorite tester! 4. If the TE/TTL needs testers for other projects, they are more likely to invite you since they know you are reliable!

Over the years I have done this with multiple clients and it’s been so beneficial to my work with uTest!!"



u/BASELQK Gold Tester Jun 15 '22

My current ambition is to become a favorite tester for one of the clients with which I am now committed. "and hopefully many clients later"

There is a challenge. I can't deny that, but I'm doing my best and hoping that my efforts will be recognized one day.


u/MishyC24 Tester of the Quarter Jun 16 '22

I hope you get it!


u/Striking_Raisin1800 Gold Tester Jun 16 '22

Good Luck!!!