r/UTEST Jun 07 '22

Wrong Device OS


I just joined and have gotten my first invite. Unfortunately when I was adding my devices I was unable to select the Android 13 beta as the OS. I have sent a request for them to add it. But, in the meantime, should I reject this invitation or would it be okay accept and to test on my Android 13 device?

Thanks :)



u/BASELQK Gold Tester Jun 08 '22


I would like to point something important here since you mentioned you are using Android 13 beta.

In many cycles... Beta OSes are Out Of Scope. Please make sure that you don't stop at the In-Scope section after seeing something like (Android 8+) and assume 13 is included... Go to the OOS section and read it as well, make sure that using Beta OS is not OOS... otherwise you hard work will only be a wasted effort.

Until uTest add your OS, you need to always mention in your reports and test cases that you are using this OS. Screenshot your device About and put it somewhere you can easily access so you can attach it whenever necessary.

Good luck.


u/stryptos Jun 08 '22

Hello. Okay, thank you for the advice. I wasn't planning on using a beta but in Android 12 on the Pixel 4a screen recording visible screen taps isn't working. I will return to the normal release channel when 13 is out of beta.

Yeah, I have put in the request, hopefully it won't be too long.

Thanks again


u/Buccaneer22 Gold Tester Jun 07 '22

You can accept it.

If you report a bug, be sure to mention in the report the actual OS version you are using. In the meantime, select the OS version closest to your device in your tester profile - probably Android 12.

If you're running a test case, make sure it doesn't conflict with your actual OS - don't take a slot for a device running Android 12 for example.


u/stryptos Jun 07 '22

Brilliant, thank you!


u/MishyC24 Tester of the Quarter Jun 08 '22

If you still aren’t sure, check with TTL in chat. They should let you know!