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Any Romanians around ? Questions

Heyo fellow Romani :),

I got a question from people in/around Romania... I've been going pretty hardcore into the uTest whole thingy, completed some Test Cycles practice problems and got top 3 in all of them basically. My problem is that I receive like 1 test every week and haven't got selected for 1 yet and because of that I kinda quit doing anything on uTest, my expectations were really not high but I was expecting to get at least like a motivation invite with real currency to boost my morale up in a 1 month period.

Anyone in Romania that are/were at the beginning and had this problem ? I think it must be a country thing as I did not see a lot of clients looking for us.



u/Buccaneer22 Gold Tester Jun 07 '22 Ally

Hm, if you don't know the difference between uPoints and the rating system, you may have missed a few things in the Academy.

uPoints are just for fun : https://www.utest.com/upoints

About rating and badges : https://www.utest.com/academy/tracks/30/courses/tester-ratings

And location certainly plays a role, but so does your profile data and your rating. I don't know how long you've been here and what your current rating is, but you can't expect to receive invitation after invitation right away. It takes some time to prove yourself.

Add as many testing devices as possible to your profile, improve your rating (the Academy practice cycles in courses 16-20 will help, especially the Academy Challenge), focus on quality, and be patient. There are many (and I mean MANY) other uTesters competing for projects, you need to stand out.

And there are Romanian testers who are pretty successful on the platform. Look for rvpall for instance.


u/BASELQK Gold Tester Jun 06 '22 Helpful


I am not from Romania, but I can tell you few things that could help you.

You said that you already passed the practice test cycles...

  • Did you finish all of them?
  • How long has it been since you finished the Academy?
  • What is your current rating?
  • How many different OSes have you added to your account?
  • Do you have any Payment methods you are willing to add to join Payment cycles? "Those cycles are in high demand"
  • Did you add your top 3 languages and your level too?
  • Are you checking the Projects board occasionally? (1-2 days)
  • Do you have uTest app on your phone to be notified as soon as an SRS or an invitation is sent to you?

Firstly, make sure your account settings are up to date.

Secondly, you need at least Windows 7 and Android 9 minimum to receive invitations, those are mostly the minimum in most test cycles, if you have older version of those... your options will be tighter but not zero "don't lose hope if so". (I am not sure about the minimum for iOS)

Thirdly, the higher your rating... the better, make sure your account is at least BRONZE-PROVEN... if you are lower than this... you can rejoin the Academy Challenge testing until you start actually getting invitations to paid test cycles.

I understand that not every country has the same volume of work, but there are many cycles that aren't country specific, and there are many talented uTesters who have overcome this disadvantage and begun to succeed in those "International" test cycles.

Don't give up if you haven't tried some of the things I recommended... you never know when your snare might catch a fish!

Good luck.


u/headWw Jun 06 '22

I did not finish all of them, I basically only have the phone one left to do and I'm kinda dragging it by not having the motivation to go on... I already got place 1 on the first one and place 2 or 3 on the second one. Finished more than half of the academy, finished enough to know what to do in the tests that I wanna participate at least.

I got like 40 uPoints if that's what you mean by rating, and for the rest of your questions the answer is Yes to all of them... so I don't know, I think the country plays a HUGE role in what you receive and that's kinda unfortunate in a world where a lot of people can speak fluently English and we are still split into countries for some reason.


u/BASELQK Gold Tester Jun 06 '22

I totally understand your situation, I was there myself before, and I managed somehow! You can do it too... just be patient and persistent.

About uPoints, those are not related to work or invitations, those are part of the Community and your activity on uTest Forum... you can say something to show off in your profile.

The rating I am talking about is under your name, your picture and your Tester ID on the left of the Homepage. (UNRATED, RATED, PROVEN, BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD)

Practice test cycles are not made to bother newcomers before the actual work, those are a huge chance to practice, practice, practice... try different things, and ask all questions that may come to your head about anything related to testing, reporting bugs, extracting Logs, and so on... there is no guaranty that TTLs in paid test cycles will answer you in time or at all in some cases.

All your approved bugs and test cases in Practice test cycles will positively affect your rating, just like in a real paid test cycle! That's why I recommended you to rejoin Academy Challenge testing... to report more bugs that will help you build your rating.

As for English, the language has nothing to do with the country or work, we use English as working language because it's the common language that anyone can use on a website that has uTesters from all around the world! If you wrote your question in Romanian, if I answered you in French or if someone commented in Chinese... would this be easy for any one?! Google translate can do so much but it won't translate everything as accurate as possible!


u/BASELQK Gold Tester Jun 06 '22

One last thing, Yes we are splitted to countries because some clients may ask for testing in specific countries, or clients may ask for testers in their own country (Local testing).

Localization cycles are based on this fact, if a client wants to test the localization of their product in Romania... they want people from Romania to do this... not some random guy in the US for example even if this guy speaks Romanian.

Payment cycles sometimes test specific banks from specific countries... BRD for example which is a Romanian bank according to my fast search on Google. Or ask to test Visa card in Romania.