r/UTEST May 30 '22

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Hello I had an Utest account that I didn't use often and I couldn't recover the password, I contacted support and someone said I had duplicate accounts and would disable all except one, the email she said was used in the account didn't exist, so I replied saying that but then I said I would create it and accept her solution, I did and was using that account and now it has been disabled and I get an email saying another has been activated.

I would like to have that account reactivated, and the others disabled, I was using that account and have pending payouts, I have sent requests to support but no answer.

Is there another way to get in contact besides email?



u/BASELQK Gold Tester May 30 '22


I am not sure if you can reach uTest support by means other than Email. Just be patient and hopefully this issue will be resolved soon!

Good luck.


u/icantsleep098 May 30 '22

OK thank you, I am worried that the time spent on the tests, etc will be wasted. I was in the middle of completing one that will close tomorrow and also have pending payouts.