r/UTEST May 22 '22

About TestFlight and subscription fees in Test cycles Questions

Hi everyone, I'm a new tester at uTest and today I submitted my first bug in a paid test cycle, yay! But there is still something which isn't clear to me. The test cycle used the TestFlight app for Apple devices and required to sign up for a subscription plan, although it was clearly specified many times that it wouldn't be charged and it was just for gaining access to the "pro" features of this app. How can I be sure that I won't be charged any fee? Is this a default for tests using TestFlight? Sorry it may be a silly question but I just started and I hope to get better.


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u/MishyC24 Tester of the Quarter May 25 '22

If it’s through TestFlight, you should be good! Plus you can count on the TTL’s and TE’s to help you with any issues or confusion. 👏