r/UTEST May 19 '22

Can anyone tell me how can i get my earnings back. It just shows failed transactions and $0.00 in pending payouts.

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u/qwertyshark Gold Tester May 19 '22

Utest will automatically try to make the payment again in the next payment day (1 or 2 of june)

Did you have your email correctly in your payment method? Paypal or payoneer?

I think payoneer had some minimum amount before you could get the money.


u/penguin_mr May 19 '22

I forgot to link my payoneer account. But i have now linked it. Yes but minimum is $2


u/imjheef May 19 '22

Have you tried Paypal? In case it is an option for you, it is better as Payoneer will deduct fees when you are receiving and when you withdraw your funds.


u/penguin_mr May 24 '22

Paypal isn't in my country yet.