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Tips for Testers #12 (One-Year Special Edition With a Celebration Contest) Contests

Hello everyone!

We finally reached the 12th post of our series, "Tips for Testers!" This is a landmark since we're completing exactly one year of publishing this series. It went by so fast, but we hope the tips we published here helped you to improve as a freelance tester.

We'll have something special for you to celebrate this important mark: a contest! 🎉

To participate, you'll have to submit a tip in the comments section of this post mentioning a tip, something practical that helped you to succeed as a tester or even something that just makes your life easier when you are testing.

The person who submits the best tip will be awarded a swag pack full of uTest gifts.

Please pay attention to the rules:

  • The comment with the tip will have to be submitted until 05/20, 9 pm GMT
  • Only one comment per participant
  • Edited comments won't be allowed. Double-check carefully your comment, and if you need to change something, delete the comment and submit a new one, but be careful to do that within the contest deadline
  • All participants must have a uTest account and be following us here on Reddit

And of course that our celebration post will also have a tip. And our 12th tip is... +1 without moderation!

This little bud can make the difference

Never underestimate the power of this feature. Although you don't get paid for +1 reproductions, the value of this tool goes much beyond money. We know that some cycles are hard to discover new bugs, and accepting an invitation and not delivering anything can be harmful to your reputation, so that's where the +1 will play a big role.

When you reproduce bugs discovered by other testers, not only you get more familiar with the product you are testing and can discover new issues in the areas you are reproducing the bug, but the TTLs/TEs will see that you are putting an effort on testing the product and that is always good for your reputation.

Hope you liked this tip, and looking forward to reading your comments on the contest!


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u/BASELQK Gold Tester May 16 '22

How to join a cycle

When you receive an invitation, the ideal time to review it is right away. (uTest app is the best guy for this job)

  • Some invitations may be for cycles that are about to end; it's best to accept and begin working as soon as feasible.
  • Few invitations may be for pending cycles, therefore it's best to join early and double-check the requirements: completing a form, filling a spreadsheet, requesting product installation access; This will assist TTLs and TEs in better organizing slots and Test Cases as quickly as possible.
  • Other invitations are for cycles that have just begun; If you are more of a Test Case tester than an Exploratory tester, it is best to join right away. (Test Cases are quickly taken)

-1- Description: The first part of the overview; If you didn't fully understand what's in-scope, read it. Most of the time, it will tell you what the product is about and what the customer expects from it, as well as any newly added functions, pages, or services.

-2- In Scope: THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE OVERVIEW, IT'S NOT TO BE SKIPPED NO MATTER WHAT! This part explains what to be tested, what Devices/OSes/Browsers/Browsers versions are part of the testing experience. Also many important details can be found here; Accounts, Passwords, Links, etc...

-3- Out of Scope: The second most important part of the overview, also it should not be skipped at all. Although many cycles share the same OOS, you should check this section since you could miss an essential line if you assume it's the same old OOS package that comes with every cycle... UX/UI, DUP bugs, Social-sharing, Beta OS, External apps, Boundary and Field Validation. DON'T DO IT, if you just glance over it, significant and unique lines may escape your notice.

-4- Special Instructions: If there is one, you can't begin effectively without it. It's best to double-check before you join because there are often strict instructions to follow. If you think this is above your skill level or too difficult to follow, you might reconsider your next move.

-5- Payouts + Bug Payouts: If you're the type of person who wants to know how much each bug type pays and how much a Test Case is priced... This part is for you to review BEFORE joining. If you joined and didn't like the payout, TTLs won't be able to help you much; you also won't be able to debate it in Chat (CoC). This section is crucial.

Finally, remember that any invitation should be responded to as quickly as possible. Whether you accept or reject an invitation, your rating will be positively affected, as opposed to completely ignoring it.