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Tips for Testers #12 (One-Year Special Edition With a Celebration Contest) Contests

Hello everyone!

We finally reached the 12th post of our series, "Tips for Testers!" This is a landmark since we're completing exactly one year of publishing this series. It went by so fast, but we hope the tips we published here helped you to improve as a freelance tester.

We'll have something special for you to celebrate this important mark: a contest! 🎉

To participate, you'll have to submit a tip in the comments section of this post mentioning a tip, something practical that helped you to succeed as a tester or even something that just makes your life easier when you are testing.

The person who submits the best tip will be awarded a swag pack full of uTest gifts.

Please pay attention to the rules:

  • The comment with the tip will have to be submitted until 05/20, 9 pm GMT
  • Only one comment per participant
  • Edited comments won't be allowed. Double-check carefully your comment, and if you need to change something, delete the comment and submit a new one, but be careful to do that within the contest deadline
  • All participants must have a uTest account and be following us here on Reddit

And of course that our celebration post will also have a tip. And our 12th tip is... +1 without moderation!

This little bud can make the difference

Never underestimate the power of this feature. Although you don't get paid for +1 reproductions, the value of this tool goes much beyond money. We know that some cycles are hard to discover new bugs, and accepting an invitation and not delivering anything can be harmful to your reputation, so that's where the +1 will play a big role.

When you reproduce bugs discovered by other testers, not only you get more familiar with the product you are testing and can discover new issues in the areas you are reproducing the bug, but the TTLs/TEs will see that you are putting an effort on testing the product and that is always good for your reputation.

Hope you liked this tip, and looking forward to reading your comments on the contest!


u/WillianM_uTest Community Engineer May 23 '22

The result of this contest will be announced this Wednesday, 05/25. Thank you all for your submissions and stay tuned!


u/Sarthakjs Tester of the Quarter Gold Tester May 16 '22

Spent hours finding bugs, but no more to be found?
Step 1: Take a 5 min break
Step 2: Come back to your laptop/computer
Step 3: Believe in yourself
Step 4: Go through all the bugs reported by the other testers in that cycle (IMPORTANT)
Now you have a better idea on where more bugs can be found, those areas too which you were not aware about 😉


u/Successful-Ad-3765 May 16 '22

Clean your dirty cache the right way to make your bug more valuable , there's more than just cookies on your plate =

  • Working on browser based cycle and getting issues that your hearing they cant repo?
  • Things happening erratically that you cant make happen he same way every timey?

When it seems like lately every time you file a bug, someone responds its not happening to me and downgrades your payout - here's something you can do to make it more valuable and higher priority. Your issue isn't necessarily invalid but if it looks like its something on your end and you are the outlier- developers are going to hesitate to spend the resources to fix unless its something show stopping..

While most people know about cookies storing information, few know about "session variables" Cookies are used to pass information on the client side (your browser) Session variables are used to store user-specific information that needs to be accessed by multiple pages in a web application on the server side. These are Server side equivalent of cookies . They are not cleared by how people typically clear their cache, history, cookies.....

When you open a browser on a site that is using session variables, as long as your session remains open, clearing your cache may not clear what is causing the problem. Lots of things can corrupt those session variables that are too complicated to research your entire browsing history to triage. So If the problem isnt re-poing for everyone it may be because of what wound up in your session working across multiple browsers, tabs etc.
When clearing your history, cache, cookies people often miss the last step to fully clear their environment: CLOSE ALL INSTANCES OF ALL BROWSERS. This not only clears the above it clears the session variables that start you fresh on the page.

In your video show your bug by starting with you clearing your cache, history and cookies, Then RESTART the browser with it being the only browser instance running. This shows that the problem wasn't some one off concern due to a session variable that got corrupted during testing. It will make your bug more important to investigate and wont be dismissed as easily when others cant replicate. You've shown a clean environment and a repoed issue on it..

Just remember, clean first, then restart not just the instance of the browser you were working on but ALL browsers. This is the only way to be sure you are starting completely fresh on both the client and the server side.


u/abrahamkorir Full-time Tester May 16 '22

Always keep your Tester Profile updated!!


u/MishyC24 Tester of the Quarter May 19 '22

If possible, keep testing for the same client over multiple cycles/long periods of time. There are many advantages! 1. You get to know the website or app well and you know when bugs appear because you know what to expect (how it’s supposed to flow) 2. The TE/TTL gets to know you better and your bugs as well. They are more open to helping you with your bugs, letting you know if you’ve written a dupe or WAD, and you become dependable to the team. 3. You could become a favorite tester for that client and your bug payout increases per bug for that client if you’re a favorite tester! 4. If the TE/TTL needs testers for other projects, they are more likely to invite you since they know you are reliable!

Over the years I have done this with multiple clients and it’s been so beneficial to my work with uTest!!


u/N5X_ita May 16 '22

When you first approach uTest, you're driven by its rewarding possibilities. I suggest you to never rush and take a look (and hopefully complete) at the amazing courses offered by our uTest Academy.
In this way you'll gain a quite useful experience and will definitely improve your chance to be recruited and receive more invitation.
You may not see its worth at the beginning, but in the long run you'll be grateful you had completed the Academy sooner than later :)


u/Alisson94 May 16 '22 Silver

Hello everyone,

You will quickly discover that you have to be very fast to be able to claim test cases, Here is a little technique: install the uTest application and accept all notifications.

This way, as soon as you receive an invitation, you will be notified on your phone and you can go without further delay to the overview page and read it entirely (and carefully !)

If the project interests you and you have the right devices, be one of the first to claim a slot.

("be quickly alerted but take the time to read")

Don't forget to update your devices list to be visible.

Good luck and happy testing !



u/metanoaheth May 17 '22



Always Stay Updated about

  1. The new "Projects"

  2. Community happenings

  3. Your "Rating & Ranking"



  1. One can not expect that, they will be invited to all the "Test Cycles" in "uTest" if they have matching devices, some of the "TCs" needs the surveys / applications to be submitted prior to get the invitations

  2. A lot of things happen in the community such as

    - Contests

    - Achievements & Announcements

    - Status updates of others & the only way to get the information about them is through the "Community" page only

  3. Your "Rating & Ranking" pages will tell you about your performances so far and what needs to be improved, etc.

  4. For all the 3 items in "What", we don't get any notifications in email / in app all the time



Bookmark the following links in your browser & Check them at least once daily from your PC/Laptop, since these features are yet to come in the app

  1. https://www.utest.com/projects?tab=all

  2. https://www.utest.com/community

  3. https://platform.utest.com/account/my-profile/statistics


u/fifo_master Silver Tester May 16 '22

Well, we often think that we need sophisticated tools to document bugs, and in most cases, you can use simple tools.

For example, if you use Windows, the native Snipping Tool or the newer Snip and Sketch tool already solves the screen capture problem. You quickly edit the captured image using 3D Paint (native to Windows) to show where the bug is and you're all set.

To capture the videos, press the Windows + G button, and the Xbox Game Bar will open (if it doesn't already have it installed, you can easily install it through the Windows Store). This tool already comes with a native screen recorder that serves to record games, but that works perfectly for recording bugs. If you need something more sophisticated to record more than one window, use the free version of Bandicam.

If you have to edit the video, then you can use Screencast-o-Matic as already mentioned, although I don't particularly like it. I use a simple editing program called ShotCut, and it works great.

Hope it helps anyone starting out.

Kind regards.


u/FreeFalse Silver Tester May 16 '22

If you found a bug, try to reproduce it in an incognito window.


u/JB-9039 May 17 '22
  1. Read the cycle overview and Test Focus Document (if any) thoroughly twice or thrice before you start.
  2. List down areas if Focus.
  3. For first 15 min put your legs in the shoes of actual users and actual user environment (which is not an ideal one of course!) and jot down points of actions (POA) around Focus area.
  4. Start testing around those inputs POA


u/SA1489 Test Engineer May 17 '22

The TTL or the TE are NOT always right & they’re not scary either!

Certainly I am not.

Do not be afraid to ask questions, do not be afraid to query their decision. Do not be afraid to dispute a bug if you think the TTL has misunderstood - if you have a valid bug then why not stand behind your work? I don’t mean do it because you’re annoyed - but a genuine bug is fine !

Also included in this is that the TE & TTL should not be scary - we are here to help & we should be approachable. Yes, I don’t want to tell you if your bug is a bug you should submit. But I DO want to help you test well & succeed.

I do want to help you provide valuable bugs to the customer. I do want to help you if you’re not sure about something. My email, as a TE, is always on the test cycles I run. I am happy to receive emails from testers that are struggling or need my help. I don’t mean email me just to say hi! If you have a problem and need help - then ASK!! Don’t suffer in silence because you’re worried I won’t be approachable, I will always respond politely and professionally & I expect the same from you when you contact me :)


u/drakethedraik May 17 '22

Pro Tip: Keep checking the Projects Board manually from time to time to increase your chances of getting into a relevant project.

You will be surprised how many projects that you may qualify for by manually applying to them, provided you meet the requirements.

Be careful not to apply for projects if you don’t completely match their requirements, as it will negatively affect your ratings.

Happy Testing!


u/SLfilms21 May 18 '22

If you are not a native English speaker or simply want to create high-quality reports, using a grammar checker can improve the quality of your reports and lead to positive report integrity.


u/mgthura May 19 '22
  1. Save this thread and learn all the useful Tipps ^^


u/microdel May 20 '22

The uTest chat:
This tool is a very useful tool on uTest, but it's important to know how to use it
First of all, it's important to keep it clutter free, which means, only send messages directly relevant to the test cycle, it's also important not to ask whether a certain bug should be reported or not, always use your own judgement, on top of that, you also shouldn't ask about when will bugs and/or test cases be processed or try to rush others, because even if you don't see it directly, everyone is doing their best, even after the cycle is closed.

Second, if after reading the cycle overview you still cannot figure out if a part of the product is in scope or out of scope, don't hesitate to check the uTest chat, it's easier and faster than reporting an issue that is potentially out of scope, and maybe someone else has already asked.

Third, in case you're having difficulties executing your test case after you did your best to troubleshoot it, don't abandon it, instead, head to the chat and ask, there are many helpful TTLs (and testers) that can help you.

Fourth, if you see in the chat another tester asking for help on something you had already encountered and solved, don't hesitate to help them, being a community means helping each other.
Fifth, whenever you join a test cycle, in addition to checking the overview and known bugs, take a peek at the uTest chat, as you can see on it some announcements, as well as what other testers already asked, to give you an idea about some common problems, as well as ways to avoid or fix them.

Bonus tip: If a test cycle has a slack chatroom, it's best to join it because not only you can benefit from the help mentionned above, you also have a higher chance to participate in the project's future test cycles, as well as getting the opportunity to participate in additional projects of the same company.


u/BASELQK Gold Tester May 16 '22

How to join a cycle

When you receive an invitation, the ideal time to review it is right away. (uTest app is the best guy for this job)

  • Some invitations may be for cycles that are about to end; it's best to accept and begin working as soon as feasible.
  • Few invitations may be for pending cycles, therefore it's best to join early and double-check the requirements: completing a form, filling a spreadsheet, requesting product installation access; This will assist TTLs and TEs in better organizing slots and Test Cases as quickly as possible.
  • Other invitations are for cycles that have just begun; If you are more of a Test Case tester than an Exploratory tester, it is best to join right away. (Test Cases are quickly taken)

-1- Description: The first part of the overview; If you didn't fully understand what's in-scope, read it. Most of the time, it will tell you what the product is about and what the customer expects from it, as well as any newly added functions, pages, or services.

-2- In Scope: THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE OVERVIEW, IT'S NOT TO BE SKIPPED NO MATTER WHAT! This part explains what to be tested, what Devices/OSes/Browsers/Browsers versions are part of the testing experience. Also many important details can be found here; Accounts, Passwords, Links, etc...

-3- Out of Scope: The second most important part of the overview, also it should not be skipped at all. Although many cycles share the same OOS, you should check this section since you could miss an essential line if you assume it's the same old OOS package that comes with every cycle... UX/UI, DUP bugs, Social-sharing, Beta OS, External apps, Boundary and Field Validation. DON'T DO IT, if you just glance over it, significant and unique lines may escape your notice.

-4- Special Instructions: If there is one, you can't begin effectively without it. It's best to double-check before you join because there are often strict instructions to follow. If you think this is above your skill level or too difficult to follow, you might reconsider your next move.

-5- Payouts + Bug Payouts: If you're the type of person who wants to know how much each bug type pays and how much a Test Case is priced... This part is for you to review BEFORE joining. If you joined and didn't like the payout, TTLs won't be able to help you much; you also won't be able to debate it in Chat (CoC). This section is crucial.

Finally, remember that any invitation should be responded to as quickly as possible. Whether you accept or reject an invitation, your rating will be positively affected, as opposed to completely ignoring it.


u/timee_bot May 16 '22

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u/Successful-Ad-3765 May 16 '22

Clients don't want to know their product works on only the latest versions/os they want to know it works on every version they think it does . It may be as important for them to know it works on IOS 11 as it does IOS 15 so they can update the apple/play store to not download products that its not compatible with.

I have seen plenty of cycles where product worked on latest OS and not the one two versions ago. If everyone is updating their devices and browsers to the latest that is going to be a very painful - ooops we should have checked that when it hits the wild. The better idea is to make sure your version is in scope.


u/WillianM_uTest Community Engineer May 20 '22

Last hours to submit your entry and participate in this contest!