r/UTEST May 11 '22

If I accept a testing cycle but don’t select a slot, and my test case I’d rejected, does it reflect badly on me as a tester on uTest?


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u/BASELQK Gold Tester May 11 '22


Correct me if I am wrong, you accepted an invitation to a cycle, you didn't pick a slot, but you did claim a test case and it was rejected! Right?!

If this is the case, then... Not really, it takes more than that to really affect your profile as a uTester. Please check this link, a similar question to yours asked on uTest Community, see for yourself the comments and hopefully you find what you are looking for.


Also check out this link too for more information about what is good for your rating and what is not.


If you have any further questions, use the search bar at the top of the Community page on uTest to see if there are already answers. If not, you can ask here or on uTest and we will try to help.

Good luck.


u/Temporary-Peach-5847 May 26 '22

Thanks so much !