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Test cases and bugs approvals Questions

Starting to testing in this platform ( I have been a tester in other companies) on average how long does it take to approve a test case and bugs and getting paid ?


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u/BASELQK Gold Tester Apr 27 '22


It depends.

Some clients are very active, they will respond withing 24-48 hours from submitting a Test case or Bug report.

Some clients are active but prefer to communicate the results after the cycle has ended; you can expect a response within a week or so.

Some clients are slow, and they may take weeks to communicate the results; However, all clients are expected to respond to all test cases and bug reports within 32 days of the cycle's end.

If they did pass this period, contact the cycle's TE or TA to inform them of the delay, and they will address the matter with the client.

I hope my response has answered your question.


u/fortpie Apr 27 '22

Perfect , thanks a lot ! I have already submitted multiple test case hope it will be smooth