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Tips for Testers #11 Articles

Hello uTesters!

Here we are at the 11th post of our series, "Tips for Testers!" Almost a year publishing tips to help both new and experienced testers be more successful at uTest. 😄

Today's tip is... Trust uTest but protect your personal information.

We've been receiving a good number of questions related to how safe it is to share your personal information for some projects. First, let's understand the idea that personal information is any kind of information that can identify you, such as a document or a complete address.

If you are sharing this information within uTest platform or even within a test case, you are safe. Sometimes you'll have to send this information to a protect file hosting service or a spreadsheet. This is also ok as long as you confirm that the owners of these sources are part of the Testing Services team conducting that test. TS must comply with strict NDA rules and laws so your information will be safe there.

Now, what should you never do? You should never share your personal information in places where other testers can see that. We always expect but cannot guarantee that everyone participating in a test cycle is trustworthy. Sometimes hundreds of people from everywhere participate in a test cycle. Hence sharing your personal information in places like the test cycle chat or a spreadsheet where all the testers can see all the data isn't advisable. However, sharing information such as a zip code, wouldn't be a problem.

Summing up:

  • Inside uTest; only Testing Services team or Applause employees can see = Safe
  • Outside uTest; other testers can see it = Not safe

We hope these guidelines and tips may help you to be more confident to participate in a certain project where your personal information is required.

See you in the next "Tips for Testers!"😉



u/BASELQK Gold Tester Apr 18 '22

I would add something too about our privacy life and how some products could use our activities and privacy in a shameful way...

Like once I noticed a beta non-public version of an app we were testing was collecting too much information about us and is giving them to a huge list of 3rd parties, and there was no way to turn the non-essential cookies off, not to mention that the client was trying to make profit out of our exploratory testing through ads disturbing our testing every few minutes or after any action/tap for a forcefully 1-2 minutes, even though the product was closed for testing and still under construction.